Vanya and the Green Knight

Corbaeren, the betrayer

One came who promised him a throne. Curse him…curse his name if only I knew it.

The snows got so deep even birds couldn’t fly, and Laerwyn was happy anyway, there with the hound. But just as the snows began to melt and he thought of leaving, he came…He. He came in elvish guise, like my daughters first husband, and he called himself by his name, Lathuren. But he was no elf. He offered my other a throne, said that hell followed hard after him, craning to catch him, but if the throne was filled it would let him go. No king wants to leave his kingdom, but my other is mad with want always.

He said he could not go while he was chained, and the one who was not Lathuren said only to wait. And then…even the next day, Laerwyn’s love…Innis. Innis and Drustan, those were the names he cried. Innis came, and Drustan was sore jealous at first. But even chained to my other Laerwyn followed my path, and Innis had no jealousy in him, and by that eve they shared a bed. Oh if you could have seen them. The hound mounting both by turns…
She came on them in their sleep. My daughter. Freed from her tower and knife put into her hand, and she went for Drustan like a harpy…she has long hated him, every bit as much as love. He was mortal wounded, and Laerwyn’s heart was breaking. The chains near untethered. And he fled, my other. He strained with all might to go to the one who was not Lathuren and claim his throne.

Mist…mist crowded round the tower, wrapped my others arms and legs. But Laerwyn would not free him. Not even though Drustan lay bleeding with Innis trying to staunch the wound and my daughter had run out into the snow. Innis saw, saw the chain, saw the mist, saw the heart tear from Laerwyn’s chest, saw my other and knew him to blame."

He went wild. If he had caught my other then, he would have torn him to pieces with his hands and teeth…that is the last I saw. For my other was gone from his reach, and in a place that is not his home.

“Now I see only a great city, and the faces of those he goes to in the night.”

Laerwyn, he is not free. He is yet chained, tormenting my other even as he would satisfy himself, keeping him from the worst of his actions."

“If you killed me, you might free him.” “If you cannot, surely your companion could.”

He keeps it in a satchel at his hip, the chain into it.

Innis wanders lost, craving revenge.



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