Vanya and the Green Knight

Post Japan Slav Live and online rp

The Miracle to Run

Met ranger of Hexewald named Lutger/Rutger?? – told him about army, immensee, crimson castle. Learned Vasiliy, ranger of Kluj, is alive and in the keeping of the druids of hexewald. Apparently he went into the mist somehow and was torn nearly apart by it, now near hysteric afraid of the mist. Vasiliy does speak Hexewald.

Had altercation in the fief of Ritter (between the Towers of Lord Frey and Immensee) – spoke with the very reasonable nobleman but then was confronted by the Lord of Ritter half an hour later as scapegoat for the ‘crimes’ of rangers. Implored horse to rear, horse decided to be done with Lord Ritter and dumped him, then came along to join the herd and go south.
Bartered crossing of the Lord -— with the two silver fish sigil. Promised free passage any time if he could broker a promise that the airship plans would never be sold to any of albion.

Met up with some strange, non-shirted men with torcs at a giant wall, followed the yarrow stones to where aneirin had parked the caravans. Aneirin had told everyone of Konstantine’s run into the army outside Minsk, the fight with BlackHair (Jakob) and mortal wounding, and the pursuit by General and Rose Knight into the Mist. The whole camp had been certain that Konstantine was dead.

Sevastyn fainted dead out. Told Lord Pyotr everything so that the council coudl make decisions. Laurente left angry and jealous of Roman and Voelkher. Yevi left angry and bitter the same. Pyotr left angry about lunastus. Lunastus given his own tents away from everyone else.

Spent day with passed out sevastyn and Francois. Learned about damage to organs and spine, presented choice – go on with wounds as they were and suffer a certain deterioration over time or undergo surgery that had a ‘good chance’ of paralyzing him but would fix him if it went well.

Aneirin came, talked about Tzar and Ard Righ, learned that 2 rangers had been called using druid help to have ranger test/rite. The Council is decided that Pyotr, Sevastyn, Laurente and Kira are all going with aneirin to Tara to talk to the Druids and touch the Liath Fail. The Druids apparently believe there is a chance the ard righ is among the vlahiskoi as they are from ‘across the sea’ (river). They are curious of Konstantine’s intentions – whether he will come too, stay and guard the caravan, go in search of baba yaga, or otherwise. He feels strangely outsider, the council of all groups that is making decisions, leaving his own fate to him.

Underwent surgery. 12 hours, dreamt and met Luka and Koit and spoke with them. Spoke with the strange oak woman. She said to speak to the sea pines and the broom trees and the northeast wind to find news of baba yaga. Koit said that baba yaga had indeed been beyond the mists.

woke paralyzed. Frost pissed off as all hell at Eric and Francois and they are told to go. Get strange cuddles from frost. Get hoisted to the door after being still the 8 hours after surgery to let it settle. Sevastyn comes up in a quiet way, brings kira to heal him. Kira GETS Konstantine, and heals his legs, but the flailing means everything hurts and he has to stay still another 8 hours.



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