Vanya and the Green Knight

Pre-Japan Armagh live RP

Plot Notes:

- learned cadfael was raised and from inverness, and became head of worthing keep abbey on death of the previous abbot and their requesting a more senior person of the Inverness abbey

- Learned from Cadfael that Cymyr is of some fame and always spoken of as Cymyr and her daughters – there are at least three sisters, possibilities of other half siblings. That Mab is his Uncle.

- told owain he’s not a virgin, its a secret. The person is noble and not pretty.

Arranged the three days with the knights, and stood between Ardrain and Maddox in ardrain’s fighting maddox

learned of maddox – his father has vanished from the fishing village on the coast. He was a man of unique and strange and evil magic. Fascinated with elves. The father had washed up on the sea. He was the death of Maddox’s mother. Both his eyes were the strange eyes.

they came to cufola after two days ride, seeing the fine, old style wooden architecture. at the edges, found fine horses thtat Glaedrigh could not resist approaching, and so met Brock. Brock invited them to dinner, and then to eat.
-learned from brock that Maeglin has teh gay, and was warned that he might not want to go to Blackpoole.
-learned the brock stole kirsti and his now old arabian horsie
-learned that the war of blackpoole/runfeld was mostly decided by one man, a strange ….maybe mercenary that was victim of the God’s Rage.
-learned that that man (innis) was being kept after the war against his wishes, and has escaped again and is pursued by Maeglin’s men.
-likes Brock’s horse figurine carvings
-learned there is no serpent banner in runfeld,blackpoole,cu fola worth mention of ogram’s
-learned Mab is neither beautiful nor terrible like Cymyr
-agreed to come back and build mab a wall of stone when abbey business done
-learned that he had a brother, Laerwyn, and that this person is dead
-had a service with Brock and Kirsti
-was given a small bag of peppers by brock as a gift and joke of his inability to handle hot food on his diet of oatmeal and apples
-met Herger, was warned off Blackpoole and associating with Runfeld to Cu Fola.
-advised to take extra supply and be wary of brigands, bought hard tack and jerky from the inn
-Maddox bought him a new bastard sword to use since his is ruined but for the hilt
They’ve set off for Runfeld, supposedly a day away at quick pacing



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