Vanya and the Green Knight

Summer Break Live RP - Glaedrigh

  • returned from Ogbheanmire with Prince Merlyon as Ward, having packed up all the important things in a cart to be pulled by Gryphon Bait (Goga), and what couldn’t be brought hidden in secret passages and oubliette. Drystan and Laerwyn buried in the same grave, topped with an old stone cross by Innis.
  • Wild Hunt resisted/bored to death, and moved on, but Innis has wolf back.
  • Lathuren, knight of the wood, sworn now as knight to serve merlyon.
  • reached Upminster again. Innis, Wolf and Maddox stayed at Pig & Barrel, Merlyon and Glaedrigh to the abbey to return the news, sword and remaining good armor of Ser Hale. Started the Spring Runs. Comforted Ser Justinian.
  • Educated Merlyon on economics and money, took him shopping for the first time ever to learn to barter and sell some books. Two book dealers in Upminster, one of a scribe who’d lost his place and one in the noble quarter of a skinflint who is overpriced.
  • dueled Justinian and lost in a show of horsemanship, split donations with him from the display. He seemed better for it. Merlyon put on a show as an actor.
  • considerations of what the religion of the Moon is, and what alliances the gods are making/to what purposes they make them. Elves reveal that there were Moon Elves who visited the wood.
  • Captain of the guard summoned the “elves” to the court to present themselves, Glaedrigh went along as acting lead. Upminster Righ questioned purposes, dismissed innis fom any considerations with his lack of weapon and derpy self, but then drilled Iefan as a scout of the wood who likely is one who has (non-mortally) shot many of the upminster knights to prevent their entering the Elves’ wood. He was apparently bitter and vengeful of one of his friendly losing a leg out of hiding a wound that then festered. Iefan willingly begged for leave to pass through upminster, rather than risking battle with Innis there amid them all to murder the whole riocht. Upminster Righ gave the group a day to find a boon to offer him as recompense then left.
  • were invited to tea an lunch with the queen and Princess, who were smitten with the elves. It was awkward, but the Mist was discussed, the doings of the Forge, the likely coming war, and what the righ would mostly likely consider valid boon. Iefan was given holy symbol and mount to travel to the wood in hopes of procuring another restoration potion to restore the fool-knight’s leg.
  • Innis, Lathuren and Maddox went to the edges of Upminster Riocht to be out of the Righ’s direct reach.
  • Merlyon sold his original Frost Giants of Brethelwait Abbey Kells book to the fallen scribe for 270 gold +inks and palimpsets and paper supplies. Had a day of riding lessons then the Captain of Upminster guard came and found them at the abbey to report to the Righ about Boon.
  • Iefan not returned, Glaedrigh reported what he’d hoped to bring as boon. Righ declared it was not his problem what they could or could not boon as scouts or otherwise and he didn’t care about an elf having to deal with a council. Then declared Glaedrigh must be hostage until such time as the potion was delivered, trying not to give up his right to the boon.
  • Glaedrigh demanded right of Champion to settle the honor immediately. Upminster righ set the challenge to take place immediately, right there in the court and called for his champion as a grizzled, large, doughty man called “Thane”
  • blows were traded until both were deep bloodied, likely to a last blow for either and the Righ claimed he did not want his champion killed nor saw use of killing a paladin and said hi shonor was sated and them both winners. Glaedrigh did not protest this on his own or the elves honor, as he could have since the righ was only half the contesting. The righ gave them freedom to leave his riocht, but declared that none of that company were welcome ever again in Upminster on pain of Death excepting Iefan to deliver the potion.
  • he did not offer if the delivered potion then absolved the death penalty or not. The combat of champions already absolves all the honor, so his proclamations regarding the potion are officially only good faith of the elves then- he has no rights of honor to the potion. It is also questionable what he would do to Iefan if the elf did deliver the potion once it was given over.
  • Lathuren left the party to keep watch and hopefully waylay iefan before they either got caught by Upminster guards and imprisoned or worse with potion or without.



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