Abbot Cadfael

Abbot of Worthing Keeps Abbey of Hengest and Hersa


He looks like derek jacobi with a beard. He is short and a little broad, not seemingly ideal for riding, but he can do anything on a horse. He is not a paladin himself, and indeed, it is hard to imagine someone that quiet and beneficent killing people, but he heartily approves of the warrior’s way and of Paladins, and he thinks of all the horses as his brothers and sisters going off to war every bit as much people.

Raised in and from Inverness, and became head of Worthing Keep Abbey on death of the previous abbot and their requesting a more senior person of the Inverness Abbey

He has frequently had the priestesses to his bed, Colleen and Uma being especial favorites, but he’s never had any children. He has professed quietly to being barren.

Known Spells:

Remove Curse

Abbot Cadfael

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