Aneirin , Druid of Tara

Pine Marten Druid of great fame as a poet and bard


20 years
5’10" tall

He has strawberry blonde hair and dark brown eyes, and wears the classic brown, deep hooded, cowled robe. Instead of a rope he would have an embroidered belt, gold thread on a chocolate brown. And he would have three torcs on his neck, a collar like one high, then a lower thinner one, then a lowest, wide, thin gold wire one. He wears a copper cuff with cabochons of lapis studding it and a bracelet of rune beads strung on a leather thong.



“My boyhood friends of that nature were Brothers Julius and Aaron. Julius was always copying manuscripts, and Aaron was always out walking the countryside. But to hear one speak you would think they were one mind.”

“But my enjoyment and sword lessons were sadly at odds, as I was usually at the abbey skipping the other.”
“Aaron taught me the names of stones, plants and beasts, and Julius the names of men and their castles. My father blamed them for my notion to become a druid.”
“Few roads are soft.”
“And those that are tend to hold the feet of those that walk them. The content do not wander.”
“I think I loved them. I wanted to be them. But here I am hardly a monk holed up in a comfortable chair, or willing to walk the same gardens every day and note each new bud.”
“They seemed like an old married couple. I never thought until later that they might have been.”

Druidesses Ysolte, Yelti, then Ianthe, daughters of Cymry

They talked about him in a cluster once and lamenting his youth. At 27, 24 and 22, only Ianthe really had much business in courting if she ever were to have courage. She had a slender volume of poems by him. Not the fairest, directly opposed to fairytale, Ianthe begged her oldest sister, Ysolte, to ask for the book from Aneirin wherever it was they saw him.

Decision of the Council:

The council has decided that both omens, the dragons, and the army Laerwyn saw, are important and that more must be known. They sent two with elven blood into the Hebrides to learn what they can of sun and moon, silver dragon and gold. And they decided that two should go in search of the omen of the army.

Laerwyn shared his second vision’s information to Mab and Aneirin, which must have been live rp →“then the new information will avail them well, as it tells the general direction of the opened gate.”
“And that more are coming, not just Voelkheri”

The Demon, Corbaeren

Laerwyn gave the creature’s true name to Aneirin in hope that someone wiser than he could provide it to the council if the demon needed to be rebound or destroyed.

Aneirin , Druid of Tara

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