Annechka Vyacheslav

mother of Konstantine, a fine goodwife and beautiful woman still in her 40s


is like Snow White, with raven hair and red lips and hourglass figure; she loves dancing and fruit. Once married to a miner, Anatolii Bolodenka. She was courted by Vladya after. She’s in her 40’s, having given birth to 7 sons.

She is still considered highly desirable as a wife: she is an amazing cook, a great caretaker for her sons and all her grandchildren, level-headed, sharp eyed and creative.

Her sons, at the start of the campaign are:
Jahsha is 26, Gavrel is 24, Laurente is 20, Mishe is 18, Anstice is 17, Konstantine is 16 and Yevgeni is 12.

Occasionally her name has been spelled as “Anetchka” and “Anechka”

Annechka Vyacheslav

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