Anstice Vyacheslav

5th of Seven, the dashing and bold bandit brother


Lvl 2 Fighter
Soldier/Noble Kit
Age 18.5 yrs
Wt 164 lbs

HitPoints 23
Race Human
XP ??
Need 4,000
Align Chaotic Good

STR 18.16 To Hit + 1 To Damage + 3 Wt. Allow 135 Max Press 280 Open Doors 12 BB/LG 20%
DEX 14 React Adj 0 MissileAdj 0 Defense Adj0
CON 16 HitPointAdj 2 SysShock 95 % ResSurv 96 % PoisonSave
INT 13 # Languages 3 Max Sp Lvl 6th Learn Spell 55 % Max#Spell/Lvl 9
WIS 12 Magical Def 0 BonusSpells 0 SpellFailure 5 %
CHA 16 Max Hench 8 LoyaltyBase + 4 Reaction Adj + 5


“Gallant waves of sorrel and umber
Raw upon his coppered breast,
A rakish eye, a solid stance
And never would the guests have guessed
That war and valiant heart had hidden in their midst
This prince of summer’s chest." ~Konstantine

Anstice is a family Vyacheslav pastime, being the troublemaker, trickster and entertainer all. Growing up, he was most oft with Mishe, and were royal terrors when Konstantine was the small angelic one and yevi was only a baby, the two ganging up on Laurente. Laurente got lots of fighting practice against two opponents.

As the Heir and Spare were taken care of, Anstice was free to choose his direction in life and left somewhat to his wilds as no woman could ever be found to put up with his energy and ridiculousness. Or dirtiness. He joined the soldiery of Severskii, with Mishe and their joint friend Ilya.

Anstice Vyacheslav

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