Baba Mara

former queen of Krest, wife to K'valor


Steel grey of hair, which falls about her to her waist. She is old and tough as stone, unwrinkled and pale, and looks much like Morven though of totally different coloring. Her gaze is piercing, and she has the amber eyes that denote magic blood to those of Vlahiskoi.

She is a native of Krest.

She stood against Konstantine in contest of stories and guides before Aneirin, and lost. She took the loss poorly, breaking the old laws on contest and assaulting the judge with a cursed word. Aneirin deflected it and it broke an enchanted torc he wore. With that she spoke words of omen at Konstantine, denounced the caravan of survivors, disowned Morven and left alone on her horse in the direction opposite of the Voelkheri camp near Minsk.

Her whereabouts are now unknown.

Baba Mara

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