Brock the Silent

A expatriot of Khitan, living with his stolen wife in Cu Fola Riocht


A skilled warrior, black of hair, eyes, and olive skinned, Brock stands out among the tall, burly natives of Armagh. He has a notable love of horses and makes what small living he can in their training, breeding and sale. He still houses in tents-fashion, an oddity for Armagh.

He is married, with a single daughter, Anastasia, brought to his house by the skill and magic of Mabnoch. He came to Cu Fola Riocht on the insistence of Herger the Joyous.


First met as the man chosen by Herger the Joyous to go on the expedition to ‘aid mabnoch’ (really the gold dragon) at the castle of the Ard Righ and Tower of Yarrow. On this expedition of a few days Laerwyn managed to get a few words out of the mostly silent man on the nature of friendship – "’Friends are a man’s grain and wives are his jewels.’ " spoke Laerwyn and said he should like to be friends.

Herger also introduced the joke that Brock’s great black mare was his wife.

Later, during Mabnoch’s absence to take word of the omen Laerwyn saw and the omen of the Dragons, Brock invited the troubled-looking druid youth to his home for dinner. This is where they shared further history together, Laerwyn taking shape of a Hebridean Horse for a whirlwind ride around town. Also shared between was tale of how Brock stole his wife, Kirsti, from slavery and their life on the road, Laerwyn’s love and council to Innis to serve the weregild to Blackpoole, and the Lore of the Love of Men.

A few days past that, at the ending of the festival, it was Brock that caught and tended Laerwyn of force for a few hours after his breaking of the Tower of Yarrow when his heart felt wounded as the dagger in the bowel that had done the deed.

Brock the Silent

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