Second in Command, Knight of Krest and servant to Morven


“Brun is the worst to spar, with his axes.”


A son of House Gagarin, sigil of a large black fist on a paler shield.
Knight of Krest and servant to Morven K’Valor.

Brun often looks weary, but is astounding enduring of hardship. He is close to Morven’s age, and serves in some indeterminate, friendly supporting role to the young knyaz – is often near Morven in a way that seems protective and comradely, but does not offer outward consolation.

He is shorter than 6’, but is barrel-chested and wide, built like a brick wall. His upper arms are bare under his armor’s pauldrons’ fur padding and above the bracers, geometric tattoos on his right one arm showing through in battle. Keeps his hair very short.

In conversation he is neither wordy nor very interactive, saying what is necessary and moving on.


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