Chicken Hut

Little hut, Little hut



it would have bright gold dragonscaled legs with shining redtipped spurs
12:04 AM and would be made of grey old boards crisscrosspatched, haunted looking, the back window empty black with old lace curtains tugging in the wind
the thatch a great puff on top
the chimney askew and puffing white smoke
it would be scratch scratching
12:05 AM me: “Its the little hut” on a sharp intake
the real ….chicken…hut
Sarah: some mix of being cute and very haunted looking
the claws would be powerful
raking up earth
12:06 AM but…the shimmy of chicken scratching can only be so scary without also being a bit ridiculous

12:07 AM it would be crosshatched bones tied with sinews
skulls set this way and that on top
small skulls mostly
small bones mostly
12:08 AM yevisized

“Turn your back to the forest, and your front to me.”
Sarah: it would stand straight
then come scurrying over
12:13 AM me: his eyes woudl get wide
Sarah: maybe to get him…
but it would stop ten feet off and settle itself
boards clattering
the front would be totally different from the back
stucco with flowers
gold thatch
12:14 AM me: :::: what a strange little hut…you can’t even see the flowers when it is scratching around, yet it look slike you ar eseeing all sides….::::
Sarah: there would be little stairs to a round topped door
a door too short for adults


it would be mostly kitchen, with a little round table
a stool the height of a child
a rocking chair
1:25 AM the high cieling would be hung with drying flowers, the inside smelling like herbs and baking
she would have soup and pies cooking

in the hut he would see only the one room no back window just a sitting room and kitchen and pantry

she has huge wooden oven paddles
and all kinds of iron pans
and the oven is huge
he could make lots at once

picking up odd objects, really looking at them, and moving them
there would be piles on teh floor

Chicken Hut

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