Countess Cordova

Ancient vampire, the Bloody Countess


Lore in Severskii always says she is from Krest. She is sometimes attached to the Crimson Castle.

“She was famed for liking pretty boys.”

Lore from Lunastus, detailing the fall of the Countess and the only other mention of the mysterious Mists:

“I have heard of mists before. Once.”
“The bloody countess used to vie with my sire in all things.”
“If one had such a chandelier with so many beautiful maidens hung upon it, the other must have a one but wrought of pure gold. That pool and statue was such a move. She had installed a fountain in a courtyard, less than half that size.”
“He had the pool and statues all made and adorned then had her over.”
“For a party, we culled half the volost and some drawn from neighbors as well.
“The next ten years from then, she held a party…and all of them. Every man woman and child of her volost, was there.”
“It was madness. Sure, an ancient may go a long time without food. But no one will return to such a place.”
“not after that happens”
“My sire objected and didn’t attend.”
“I wanted to go.”
“the party was set to last a month. But on the night of the new moon, halfway into it, mists rose.”
“And in the morning the volost was gone.”
“The land had changed. The neighboring volosts all fit together without it, drawn like a sack’s mouth tight.”
“No hole left.”
“None who had attended ever came back”
“In fact, there have never been as many vampires since then”
“Almost everyone who was anyone had gone.”
“Only the youngest and unwanted or those who objected or the old hermits who never go out lasted.”
“My sire said that the Wet Mother took her back.”
“I thought perhaps the Yaga did it.”


Mistress of Pereslav

When the Mists took her lands they seemingly transported the Countess, her court, and all her guests to Ravenloft, establishing a new domain. Whether she herself is the domain lord of the founded realm of Pereslav or not remains to be seen.

The party she threw has lasted generations and is known as The Party. The vampires feast all the night and sleep on cushions in the court unafraid of the day and without coffin. The debauchery is legendary. Some voluntarily go to the party, as Bard, while others deliberately defame their faces to avoid being chosen from the herd of humanity that serves the Seat.

The Countess now styles herself the Tzarina.

Her scouts and lieutenants are wide and abroad in rediscovering the lands of Vlahiskoi so suddenly reunited with Pereslav as they were swallowed by the mists. They have, at least, discovered the Crimson Castle and its circle of mirrors and protection from the Moon. What she or they may know of the fate of The Prince or The Tzar is unknown.

According to Baba Yaga, the Tzar beat her to Lunastus, a dainty she very much desired. Her desire for him apparently has never waned, and she has sought long for the Prince of the Red Corsage or news of him. What she would do with or to him is also unknown, as he had already been a vampire long and in service to the Tzar by the time of her abduction to Ravenloft.

Countess Cordova

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