The Hound Knight of Ogbheanmire


Deceased, wounded to the death by his ‘wife’, Finnian, with a dagger provided her by Eriskyne for the betrayal of Laerwyn.

Handsome, just old enough to grey at his temples ( ie: 38 years), though it would be hard to tell how much with snow crusting into his wavy dark brown hair that’s pulled into a little warrior’s ponytail. He’d looked weathered, with a scar over the bridge of his nose. He was about 6’3" in height, but of a broad and solid build.

Head of House Conchobar at 8 years of age, as his father never returned from the year of searching for a bride for King Bronagh.

His son, Merlyon, was adopted and the Prince-heir to the riocht of Ogbheanmire.

His wife was the Queen of Ogbheanmire, Finnian – daughter of the strange Queen Diomeda and the King Bronagh, insane and locked in the tower for safekeeping, having been stolen back from a happy life with elves. She was most likely married, having been already pregnant with Merlyon.

His first lover, the Unicorn Knight Yvain, remained alive and captured in some sort of straights in the Underdark…caught while the few knights were out searching for years for the missing Princess/Queen. He was saved by The Vanya at the mouth of fallen Krest, and delivered to the Moon Castle.


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