Paladin Initiate of Hengest and Hersa


Level 1
Align Lawful Good
Gender M Ht 5’8"
Wt 142 lbs
Age 15 yrs

Hair Strawberry Blonde
Eyes tawny
Skin freckles. All freckles. Everywhere.

STR: 16 To Damage + 1 Wt. Allow 70 Max Press 195 Open Doors 9 Bend Bars 10%
DEX: 13 React Adj 0 MissileAdj 0 Defense Adj0
CON: 14 HitPointAdj 0 SysShock 88 % ResSurv 92 % PoisonSave nil
INT: 14 Bonus Prof 4 Max Sp Lvl 7th Learn Spell 60 % Max#Spell/Lvl 9
WIS: 16 Magical Def + 2 BonusSpells 2nd SpellFailure 0 %
CHA: 17 Max Hench 10 LoyaltyBase + 6 Reaction Adj + 6

Saving Throws: PPD 14 [ +2 ] RSW 16 [ +2 ] P/P 15 [ +2 ] BW 17 [ +2 ] Spell 17 [ +2 ]

Eachann was well turned out about a week prior to campaign start- good armor, good horse, good companion in Ser Harper’s son. It is his first tour on the Wall. It will not be until winter that they will return, if at all.

Eachann hero worships Glædrigh and does stupid brave things to get noticed by him. Glædrigh has handled teaching him letters, court etiquette, hunting and training of animals of the court and horses, swordsmanship, basic cannon of the faith, and the duties and rites of being a paladin. He asked aid from Cadfael for religion classes as well.


Eachann was brought by his grandmother and grandfather to the Abbey at Worthing Keep from an outlying freestead between the Riochts of Ardglass and Worthing. His mother had died in childbirth and his father, a minor knight of a house once generations before pledged to some forgotten Righ and so given lands. His father had died that winter, grossly in debt to be paid with the stead. As such, the remaining family sought a future with the church for the young son of the house. He was 11 years old, just a few years shy of manhood and of an appropriate age to begin an apprenticeship. The Brothers approved him, and Glaedrigh took him on as a paladin, rather than leaving him to become a priest.

For the first year, Glaedrigh split Eachann’s training between horsemanship, animal handling and swords. The second year, he was given to Cadfael to train extensively in the faith of the Brothers while Glaedrigh served his second tour of the Wall alongside Ser Maddox. For his third and then final fourth year in training, Glaedrigh shifted his focus again to combat training and prayers, etiquette and language.


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