Mermaid saved by konstantine


“I am Nautali oo Eerna.”
“Though my home is gone…so just Eerna.”


A very voluptuous red mermaid saved from the waking of the Kraken by Konstantine. She lived in a special bladder built on the zeppelin for a long while.

She told the caravan of vlahiskoi all about the Kraken and teh fall of the sea cities.

Konstantine was absent from the caravan as guide to Lady Philippa back to the Fall of Minsk, so he did not witness their crossing the Amanap or the return of her to the river and a small gathering of other mermaids along the riverways. So she is returned to water and no longer with the caravan.

She recognized and called Konstantine ‘Vanya’ and could speak Vlahiskoi – she called it the old fisherman and fool prince’s tongue?

Round breasts high and symmetrical from lack of gravity’s effects and a necklace of bright weeds, pinkred tail lashing the water slowly – vermillion scales lined in gold and white. Her hair would be red as a rusalka’s and her skin white with gold lines from her eyes and down her sides, red scales like freckles.

Exchange of Songs

“Oh maiden fair, how go you there,
As sun go passing by…
The fish do fly, the waves pass by
The rivers run impair’d.”

“Such limbs of shell, on marble dwell,
in shadows of the eve
Yet there you cleave, to Lucerne’s grief
the fallen shore’s repreive”

“Ivan, Ivan, with feet of clay,
remember thee power of this place?
come you on clever mount to stay
the kraken faceless rending?
“where are the elves, where men with spears
Ivan alone, and where are thee?
a voice a ghost a trick of ears
I fear to go as much to stay."
her voice quavering at the end

“A word of warning did I have,
That cliffs chalk-whitened in this land
are home of walking spider-elves,
the spawn of where the darkness dwells.

But while your voice shivers afraid
and while your flight is yet staid
You speak of Kraken as your fear?
What is one man with sword or spear
of any sort against that foe,
whose limbs cross further than birds know
Yet by my honor I would bestow
Arrow, sword, song and aid.

If you truly seek my standing
Look up as if to eagle’s landing”

“Alas, if it is as you say
port fallen under shadow’s sway
unless the tales be not a dream
and wet mother’s son more than they seem
Bravery is sweet, arrows bright,
but death shared goes to the same night,
if you’ve no trick or magic word
then flee, or…take me if you could…
Can kraken walk even the land
claws in clouds of wandring sand?"

“The climbs to long for comforts speed,
But where wings fail, then feet may lead,
I’ll come down and swift to your side,
along the coast, carrying you, by stride,
and put the miles long between,
This menace before us to be seen.”
he would set to hurrying down


Vanya and the Green Knight Nalga