Centaur, survivor of Chronos


Son of Pie, the weaponsdealer centauress of Midnight, and Asher. He is 6 years old.

His chest is particolor- one pec is grey with a black nipple, one is black with a grey nipple.
On a thirteen year old male looking body this doesnt have the same effect as his mother’s particolor, ample breasts. His as wide as the old workhorse/warhorse Goga that Vyacheslav once used. It makes his human body look a bit small. he’s muscular though, like if some woodcutters kid did nothing but chop logs all day. Chop logs all day with much GENKI. He is boisterous, young, and a little dumb.

He considers himself the leader of the three musketeers- himself, Shy and Shin.

He is currently helping out and dwelling at the Crimson Castle.


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