Silver Dragon of the Hebrides and Scholar


The one in fancy ass robes looks rail thin and gorgeous with hair actually silver, not grey like glaedrigh’s. His skin is creamy but with freckles or maybe makeup that are glinting silver flecks.

He has a friendly demeanor, as well as being jealous of artifacts and knowledge in a was befitting a dragon who hoards books instead of gold. But he is fair of it, trying to make trade or convince the rightfulness that he should be the keeper of such things.

He is very eager for the return of the Ard Righ, studying or finding omens himself somehow and pursuing them eagerly. Ffionbhar is also a very accomplished magic user, able to cast Stone to Flesh to restore the Paladin Cordron Baynton to life on the whim and rewarding of the Ard Righ’s word.


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