Georg Ivanovich

Woodcutter's Son newly thrust to manhood by tragedy


A peasant boy about Yevi’s size but younger probably

“We’re the house by the lightning blasted pine.”
He would know of a blasted pine on one of his usual routs to the forest that was still pretty close to town. It has a little clearing around it that is covered in dandilions in summer so that it looks almost entirely yellow. It would be near where he had seen the giant woodcutter.

He would go over to a tired looking woman with an older and younger girl. she has not kept her figure and there are hollows under her sapphire eyes. she would be all bone and muscle. Her older daughter would be pretty, with huge breasts and broad hips and shoulders, round apple cheeks and blonde hair in a braid. The little one would be holding mothers apron in both hands and have giant eyes with hair like a dandilion puff

He and his family were sent with the Iron Wolf Dmitri to the Crimson Castle for their safety. They remain there healthy and much improved in station since there aren’t lots of people there.

Georg Ivanovich

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