for funsies. An older, unknown half-sibling of Laerwyn's from Cymyr's slightly younger days.


current hp = 44

AC: ( 2 )has Hammer of Upminster made Platemail

 photo glaedrighTHACO_zps3fbe1189.gif

Class Warrior-Paladin
HitPoints 53
Level 6 level up at the ard righ!
XP 41550
Race Human
Align Lawful Good
Gender M Ht 76 in. (6’4")
Wt 172 lbs
Age 20.5 yrs
Hair White
Eyes Green
Skin silver dapple
STR 18.79 Weight allow. 185 Att Adj. +2 Dam. Adj. +4 Max. Press 330 OD 14 BB/LG 30%
DEX 15 React Adj 0 Missile Adj 0 Defense Adj-1 Languages Known:
CON 14 Hit Point Adj 0 Sys Shock 88 % Res Surv 92 %
INT 12 # Languages 3 Max Sp Lvl 6th Learn Spell 50 % Max#Spell/Lvl 7
WIS 13 Magical Def 0 Bonus Spells 1st Spell Failure 0 %
CHA 17 Max Hench 10 LoyaltyBase + 6 Reaction Adj + 6

Saving Throws: PPD 10 2] RSW 12 [2] P/P 11 2] BW 12 [2] Spells 13 [+2]

As a Paladin:

Weapons Allowed: All Armor Allowed: All Can build castle/stronghold At Fighter 9th level: acquires followers and an elite bodyguard


Attack Bonus +1 with any weapon of choice (5)


Curative (10) – Cure all types of disease once a week/3levels of experience (ineffective only against lycanthropy and mummy rot)
Detection (5) – Detect evil monsters or creatures up to 60’ away by concentrating, as often as wished.
Faithful Mount (5) – DM determined – Maeve! Clydesdale of awesome
Healing (5) – lay on hands once per day, 2pts/level
Protection from Evil (5) – natural aura 10’, summoned or evil creatures suffer a -1 penalty to all attack rolls. Those affected know the paladin is the source
Priest Spells(10) – cast beginning at 4th level, no extra spells for intuition, no cleric or druid scrolls : All, Animal, Combat, Creation, Divination, Guardian, Healing, Necromantic, Protection, War
Turn Undead(10) – starting at 3rd level, turn as a priest 2 levels lower
Weapon Specialization (10) – can specialize

Powerful Enemy
Keen Smell – +2 to hunting, increased chance of detecting if food or drink is poisoned
Inherent Immunity (Poison)
Precise Memory


Animal Lore
Riding, Land
Animal Training
Animal Handling
Reading/Writing – Caerlwwyywynn, Armaugh
Modern Languages – Caerlwwyywynn, Armaugh
swimming (8)

(-2)Lances (group) WOC +1 att
(-6)Bastard Sword (specialized) +1 att +2 dmg (human +1 to attack here)

Canon of Henghest and Hersa
White tunic of Coat of Arms
Cosmetic Kit (foundation, rouge, eyeblack/eyeliner, lipstain, small hand mirror)
Horse Grooming Kit
3 sachets
Arming clothes (half ruined)
Two loose fitting silk shirts with full sleeves (one is green)
Two pairs tailored breeches
two pairs cotton undergarments
two pairs silk hose
riding boots
leather shoes, dress
Two knee length tunics, sleeveless
fur-lined surcoat, brocade (lent to Meg and Killan’s family)
summer mantle
black velvet full cape
leather belt
two towels for washing
Tack – bit, bridle, harness, horseshoes, saddle, barding
two heavy blankets
hand mirror



  • a jeweled bridle, the leather oiled and not very rotted, like it is kept nice
  • a pair of gilded, plate gauntlets

Very fine, wide, deep blue silk velvet spool.

– now casts at casting level 2 –
- 1 level 1 spell -

Glae sp


Roland…take this…son. It is…of no use to me. Maybe it will be useful as a doorstop.
Cadfael…take It is a bastard, but child of a druidess. I cannot have it mark my house. Maybe it wil be useful……to milk mares.” – Glædrigh’s interpretation of his mother and father.

Homeland – Gwynned Riocht

Issue of Cymyr from when she was a bit younger and on her way back from visiting Tara, a nobleman’s illicit affair with the stunning druidess. Glædrigh was sent to the Abbey young, at two years of age (essentially as soon as he could reliably walk and eat solid food), so as to avoid any messy complications of offending Cymyr, and to assure the family that Glædrigh was no threat to the succession.
Cymyr stuck around for the first year to breast feed Glædrigh, then weened him and left. He has never seen her since that he knows. Cymyr gifted the Sir with the child of his loins, a fine blessing of favour from such a druidess, as she believes. She had no want or use for a male child.
Glaedrigh didn’t speak at all as a three or four year old, a little mute child all trauma that none of three potential parents wanted him at all and then even being unhomed and given to a place full of strange, ebullient sisters and brothers who live off apples and oatmeal. And looking up at Maddox tantamount to having been given to the devil. By five he started speaking again and proved he wasn’t mute/dumb, understood sentences and was in fact understanding his lessons to read and write.

Worthing Keep

Glædrigh does not visit the keep often, as his father is the Warden of the Keep and it is plain how uncomfortable his existence makes the noble. Once every 4 months at most, once every six if he can swing it.

Abbey of Hengest and Hersa

The abbey is small, with 3 abandoned kids all too young to have vocations yet, two priests, four priestesses, the abbot, and a very young paladin.

Most of his childhood memories, excepting vague, foggy recollections of the lonely year adrift at the keep, involve the Abbey and its Abbot Cadfael, the late paladin who was his role model, Ser Baynton, and the knight Maddox who trained him in swordsmanship.

Maeve, Glædrigh’s clydesdale mare, has broken his bed when she got too big for it and didn’t know…they sleep together side by side. Glædrigh had to foal her himself when he was a new paladin of 13, and raised her, so she’s about 7, in her prime. She’s got four white legs, white splash on her chest, claymore shaped blaze— kind of a star at the top, broad, and coming down to a sharp tip.


Warden of Worthing Keep, under Gwynned Righ
Sir Roland Ardrain, notmother: Lady Ardrain (you dont know her first name), Sisters: Cora (18) and Etain (15). Brother (16): Owain.

His father would be one of the three main knights, important enough that he cannot offend his wife or risk war amongst his sons. Father is the model of chivalry after the old ways of Armagh under the Ard Righ, a seemingly grave man who breaks into mirth like sun over the mountains, brilliant and unexpected. He has deep respect for all the old ways and the gods.

He is deeply lawful, and regrets that he let himself run positively wild with a druidess, drunk as pan in moonlight and not as a fling, but every time he saw her while she was around. It would be a thing in his eyes whenever he is around you, that guilt, despite the fact his wife and children don’t care.

The half-brother, Owain, is the middle child, not allowed the freedoms his sisters have, and with no choices about his future, like any good heir to a noble clan. Far from feeling threatened, your siblings all like you.

Their mother is a noble from another keep miles east, so she is far from her own family and often goes to visit them. She is of very high birth, kind, expensive, and frivolous.
It wasn’t a love marriage, what noble marriage ever is.

He wouldn’t have any early childhood memories of her, except at a distance, but now that he is older, she is affectionate with him the way one would be with a beloved servant, sending him gifts at holidays, asking him how he is if she sees him.

Backstory Notes

personal timeline –
2years, 10 months – walked down the road from Worthing Keep, at 3 am, with Marfa the housekeeper and a small bag with two outfits, a breakfast, and his blankey (embroidered with a knight and dragon fighting) to the Abbey and left there to live.
3 years – Became mute after first sparring lesson with Ser Maddox.
5 years, 3 months – started speaking again.
6 years old – first visit back to the castle of Worthing Keep to help Ser Baynton with holiday preparations, blessings, etc. Met Cora(4 at the time), Owain (2 years) and Etain (1 year old)for the first time. Saw his father and Lady Ardrain again for the first time in 3 years, figured out that they really weren’t comfortable around him at all.
7 years – didn’t visit the castle for arrangements, but helped at all the calendar rites in the fields or tourney places
8 years – didn’t visit the castle for arrangements, but helped at all the calendar rites in the fields or tourney places
– has the realization that Ardrain gave him up before he’d known he’d have any heir, or even a male heir by some years, cora being 2 years younger and Owain 4. Has a 3 month return to muteness.
9 years – didn’t visit the castle for arrangements, but helped at all the calendar rites in the fields or tourney places
10 years – didn’t visit the castle for arrangements, but helped at all the calendar rites in the fields or tourney places
11 years – didn’t visit the castle for arrangements, but helped at all the calendar rites in the fields or tourney places
12 years old – received bustier, skirts and blouse from two farm girls, visited the castle once. Sees siblings for the first time outside of at church functions when they get a few minutes to enjoy each other. Cora(10), Owain (8), Etain (7)
13 years old – received first set of platemail and own sword from Ser Baynton, visited the castle 3 times as paladin of the Abbey for Basket Day, Grand Circles Races and a Sacrifice Offering from Gwynned
14 years old – first tour of the wall, didn’t visit the castle
15 years old – visited the castle required 5 times for calendar rites
16 – Eachann is brought to the abbey, 11 years old; visited castle required 4 times for calendar rites
17 years old – second tour of the wall, didn’t visit the castle
18 years old – received second set of platemail from Ser Maddox
– received writing deck, quills and paper from Lady Ardrain
visited castle 4 times for calendar rites
19 years old – received hanging pendant lantern and set of candles from Lady Ardrain
visited castle 5 times for calendar rites
20 years old – blown glass vessel with oil scented of rose and clove from Lady Ardrain
visited castle 1 time so far this year, 3 possible more rites – Iron & mud (first day of planting) Basket day (harvest) , Grand Circle Races (longest day of the year horsemanship). There is also the possibility of being called on to due the Confirmation of Adulthood for Owain, but neither Cora or Etain received this rite from the Abbey so it is unlikely to be called for by the Warden.

To date then, he has visited the castle of Worthing Keep 24 times in 20.5 years of his life to visit the knights and Righ on calendar rite business. The longest time he went without troubling the Warden or lady with he presence other than if they attended the church rites out in the fields and tourneys was from 7-12, or roughly 5 years.


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