Gwynned Righ

Ruler of Worthing Keep


A man with a mane of grey and gold hair and a grizzled golden beard in two braids. Usually he is ruddy cheeked and round bellied, but currently his fine linen shirt hangs loose and his kilt seems bulky around his frame. Full dressed he wears a jeweled pin through his kilt at his shoulder, a torque at his neck, a dirk in his leather wrapped sockthings.

He’s spent the last 20 days of the winter ailing, having been put under strenuous, slow-working fatal curse by either Ogram, his serving druid, or the strange gypsy sorceress whose origins are, or were, unknown…but she was slain in body and Ogram dismissed from service.

He’s ruled Worthing Keep at least for 21 years, likely longer, and is at least in his late fourties at the youngest.

His current wife, Brenna, is only 19, but they’ve been married for some years with barren bed. They are both desperate, but cordially so, for a child. Neither blames the other inappropriately, and both have high hopes for the spring rites and donations for plenty to the Brothers Hengest and Hersa.

Gwynned is plain spoke, preferring forthrightness and blunt honesty to pandering, but he does appreciate careful honor and pride. Just the same, he makes no allowances for some things – he calls Ser Ardrain Glaedrigh’s father without mincing, and in public, and talks freely about other such ‘open’ secrets as is the wont of a Righ. He enjoys men’s sports and active competition. He’s a wise Righ, keeping jokes at his knights expenses to entertain the masses while cultivating their skills and usefulness on his chessboard. He wields his power efficiently, easily and with charming aplomb so that all his subjects think on him with fond affection even when they may be the butt of one of his pranks.

Gwynned Righ

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