a goodnatured, lanky, russet-haired berserker, quite the ladies man


Innis was once a paladin of Morrigan and second only to Mother Superior and Tirion in the Church of Morrigan’s chain of command. He no longer retains his abilities to heal as a paladin, and he has lost his trusty hoverbike, but his previous gift of the goddess remains in his berserker madness. He is Tirion’s closest human friend.


In the Chronos world he had a lover, Garin, for one year. Garin went on to be a part of Project Watchmaker, eventually being wounded by the Death Knight 5 years later. He escaped to midnight, but was actively possessed by the Death Knight’s power and bound on the altar in Morrigan’s Sanctuary. It was suggested by Atropos to Innis, prior to beginning the assault on the Matron Mother and city of House Fein, that Garrin could be saved in a manner from the curse by being reincarnated by one of the phoenixes. Whether this every occurred or not has not been revealed, and never occurred up to the point that the Chronos campaign was ended.

In addition, Innis has (had?) as full blooded sister, whom had disowned him for failing to save a youngest sister, Fiona. Fiona was a commanding officer of some merit and standing in S.T.R.I.K.E. It is unknown whether she still lives or whether she made the journey into the West to the New World with Lucerne. In the somewhat prophetic Train Dream had by Atropos when he was become an Asura, She was seen at the train station speaking with Ethan and boarded with all the rest.

First Introduction to the New World

Innis met with Laerwyn in the mountains near Blackpoole,and the two fell fast for each other. In his adventures with Laerwyn, Innis also made friends with a lone white wolf, very much the omega and thrilled to join a “pack” even if they were strange humans. Maeglin Righ threatened violence if Innis did not stay with him, and Innis conceded to stay long enough to help Maeglin in a war with a neighboring riocht. This let Laerwyn escape without consequence.

Service to Blackpoole Riocht

“A bit over a week ago there were visitors here from Maeglin’s Righ. They were looking for a man who had broken hospitality during the attack from ”/campaign/konstantine/wikis/Runfeld/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Runfeld."
“I heard of it. You told the innkeeper of an omen.”
“Correct. I caught them on the road as they left and told them.”
“Were they not grateful?”
“They were. I was curious if I could find such a man, or trace of him, since my eyes are keen and I can see better and more from above as a condor. I found his horse. No trace of the man. I gave it to them on the other side of the mountain, and then went on my business.”

::this is about the stranger?::

“I was gathering moss that is good against thrush. I found him some hours from death. I knew ….I would begin a new cycle if I helped him, and I did so.”
“there is no bond like that of saving a life, or taking one.”
“Bonds such as that are easily left so. But his manner was….wholly candid. Like a clear well of truth that is open to all. I would say lordly, but he is too….close and loving of common things. He is like the captain who serves beneath a High King, loved and able to walked among the people and comfort them. " ::::And I wager that this Tirion is that high King.::::

::a warrior’s love? surprising in this land. if such things happen in this kingdom they are kept secret, as though ones masculinity was in danger. men find comfort when they ride together far from women, but it is a passing thing, a necessity. Not usually a love. This boy speaks with that light in his eyes, like looking at stars.::

He would rest his forehead into his hand, covering his face

“He sounds like a rare man.” ::to a foreigner, the land of Armagh is the mysterious land of heroes, where all men wield magic swords and live with the light of heaven at their backs, haloing their hair. But they are men, as anywhere. I wonder if love makes him see a hero of this man or if he was so great. There was an omen concerning his life. If he is a great hero, it may have been fate laerwyn save him. So what has happened? Likely that maeglin’s soldiers caught up with them.:: “Does he yet live?”

“He was not offended, and ….I found my first love. It has only been days. Mab returned. We went to the Tower of Yarrow again….a darkness had passed over the hut, and I sought for knowledge of it. It was a thing of Maeglin’s mage. I saw …..a great vision of the past. into the very tower and witnessed their converse together. Maeglin was counciled by the wizard that the stranger would be an asset in the coming war. We had some days more, but the decision was left to him….stay a prisoner in the hut, flee these kingdoms entirely never to return, or bargin for pardon by weregild on that wizards advice to the king. His past haunts him, he cannot be caged. And with such freedom a necessity, I counciled him to sue for pardon.”

::only days. that is hard. he must have known it was chancey, to love a hunted man, but that is the foolishness love makes. it doesn’t choose with convenience. He was wise not to try to keep him in the hut.::

“I acted as the messenger, and learned that the king….had found the stranger’s appearance and personality captivating. I took the information back. So the choice was posed again with such revelation now added. The king is….a king. A jealous sort, I think, though not without his wits. I counciled him that his freedom was best bought in taking the offer still.”

::I would meet him, this man who has won the heart of as unmarred and fair a boy as I have met. Strong and keen, so dedicated to his uncle and his path. So humble…::

“But so we are parted for at least a season. If not longer. If the king comes to love him closer, he may try some way to keep him. "


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