Jahsha Anatoliich Bolodenka

Eldest brother of Konstantine, a merchant who adores animals


Annechka’s oldest son, born from her first husband Anatolii Bolodenka.

Adopted formally by Vladya Vyacheslav, Jahsha became a merchant-squire. He is 26 years, married with kids. He is lettered. He deals much in the movements of livestock: Horses, Oxen, Pigs and Chickens. He adores all animals, and loves to take regular breeds and make large, strong, draft-varieties.

He has a fondness for silver-white borzoi, and is masterful breeder of hounds.

Jahsha is a large man, barrel chested and broad shouldered like a good miner.

Jahsha Anatoliich Bolodenka

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