manservant of Minsk, in the House of Lord Pyotr


A man would come in dressed in a sleek brocade tunic and soft leather boots and bracers
trimmed beard and hair



“From the time I went into court, after I’d ridden a few times to battle beside father, and they wanted to groom me to be a noble and not just a knight. I spent all my time ahorse, exploring, or else hidden somewehre in the house or garden reading, and I had few friends of my own class.”

10:28 PM “So father hired Jurek, who was a young man then, perhaps…fifteen to my seventeen. I had thought he would be like a younger brother, but he was very grave about his work, even then, and took it all very personally that I be presentable and have friends at court.”
10:30 PM me: “Is he of noble blood himself, or from a family established as fine and loyal and true servents? Or was he in service to another house and your father bought his service for a better pay and position?”
10:34 PM Sarah: “He was from a long line of slaves, actually, who had served so well that his mother and father were granted freedom. But their lord’s heir was a nasty piece of business, so they wanted him to work elsewhere.”
10:36 PM me: ::::imagine a world where they have slaves out in the open that they actually call slaves and no one bats an eye? Rather than just financial slavery, or the shadow worlds of the Undercities and teh back rooms and private satellites of CEOs with humans and genetic experiments bred for it …..but never out in the open. ::::
::: maybe in a way there’s is more straightforward and honest.::::
10:37 PM their’s
10:39 PM “So he was not like a little brother, more like you are his noble doll to adore and see taht it is kept well in spite of itself?”
Sarah: “I made overtures to hire his mother and father when Lord Karchek died, but the young bastard wouldn’t have it. His father died before it was ever settled, but I caught the young lord at last by gambling on it, and so was able to hire his mother away. She was Fyodr and Illarion’s nurse.”
10:40 PM “He was never like a little brother, and I suppose not like an older in that he was fastidious of our ranks even when I was not. At first it was…adversarial. I didn’t care how I appeared and didn’t want connections.”
10:41 PM me: :::So he took a knight and made a nobleman::::
he would smile
Sarah: “But over time we became allies. He convinced me it was no farce to be as kind to acquaintances at court as I was to strangers in the marketplace.”
10:42 PM me: “I wonder if I am sad to have missed this young, brash knight.”


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