Bannerman and Heir to Ser Maddox


One of two guardsman handpicked by Maddox, when he was captain of the guard, as worth his salt enough to stand ground and help in the strike plan against the banshee/spectre haunting Worthing Keep. Maddox has implied that Kale is one of few opponents able to help him hone his swordsmanship.

When Maddox let go the captured drow and so made Gwynned Righ uncertain of his loyalties where fae were concerned, Gwynned decided it a risk to keep him as captain of the guard while there was a fae war in Worthing Riocht. Rather than make an enemy of such a knight, he gave him land of his choosing, a promotion. Ser Maddox had to choose his successor as captain of the guard, and he passed Kale over for Dougherty. Kale and a handful of the best guards were unwilling to serve under any but Maddox decided to flee the riocht. Kale led them into the Cruach, where they camped and hoped Maddox would come to either kill them as bandits or take them as his own.

At this time, Ser Glaedrigh discovered that his half-sister, Cora, admired Kale and wished he would court her. Only at her unwilling betrothal to Thorin Harper did she show herself desperate and beg Glaedrigh’s help. When Ser Maddox went into the Cruach to take the renegade guards as his bannermen, Ser Glaedrigh went with him and told Kale of Cora’s predicament and her wishes. Kale admitted that he admired her in return, but knowing Ser Ardrain would disapprove of his low station, he never courted her. In spite of this he sent a letter back with Glaedrigh, written in his halting and much inkspilled hand, that Cora now keeps with her.

Ser Maddox, having no heir and unlikely to produce one, named Kale his heir, thus raising him to the same station as Cora. Now Kale rides with Maddox and his bannermen, hoping to distinguish himself in battle and service to the Ard Righ, and thus win Ser Ardrain’s approval.


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