True wife of Brock the Silent


She was a chained tent slave in Khitan until Brock swore to free her.

From Armagh, on the sea. She was taken by pirates. Her home town was gone, on returning in freedom. Not the pirates, just time. There had been storms, and war, and illness. Bad luck. The survivors had sailed for the Hebrides, but she didn’t want to go there.

She and Brock travelled Armagh then, living on Hospitality from place to place until Herger met and convinced them to return with him to Cu Fola Riocht.

She is pale, slight, exceedingly polite and shy. Soft spoken and a fine cook. She has one daughter, Anastasia, who bearing and living through the birth is entirely due to the guidance and magic of Mabnoch.

She took a liking to Laerwyn, and didn’t seem adverse either to the amusements of thinking of Laerwyn and Brock together. She never shared this line of thought, at least in hearing of the young druid. Brock, at least, was quite aware of her delight, after Kirsti enjoyed troubling Laerwyn gently when he was bathing in their house to get clean from the ruin of the Tower of Yarrow: “Its too late, she thinks you are handsome and is having ridiculous fantasies.”


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