Knyaz Aleksei

Knyaz of Severskii, exiled to the Crimson Castle


Alexsei / Alexsey
Knyaz of Severskii

Tawny hair and bright sapphire eyes. His robe is golden bear fur lined in ermine at the collar like kings robes should be. He is wearing a tunic of blue velvet with a sun on the chest in gold thread. His face is high cheekboned and sculpted lipped with a straight nose but broader, more solid than Sevastian. It would be Sevastian carved in gold instead of smoke.

He is a fair and even loving ruler – rare in Vlahiskoi. But justice is harsh and dealings with other countries are cunning. All is for the good of the Volost. He is the 4th of 5 5th of 6 brothers. His father and older brothers are all dead of various common causes. Pox, bear hunting accident, went into the forest and never came back. He was married at 13, Knyaz at 15, and has a 5 year old son and a baby daughter. The Knyaz was married to Knyagina Anastasia Anatolii, siring two children already, a son (5 years) and a daughter (3). They were both rescued from the Fall of Severskii by the efforts of Slinky (Zachary) and Konstantine and carried to the Mines by Prince Vlad. They were assumed into ownership of the Vyacheslav family, and are mostly trauma!children.

Alexsey has gone to the Crimson Castle with his Red Swords and some other surviving nobles.

The siblings of the Knyaz:
Victor (deceased, Pox)
Basil (deceased, bear)
Markus (deceased, the forest)
Vlad (deceased, voelkheri)

Knyaz Aleksei

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