6th son of 7, a ranger apprentice of Severskii in the far North in Vlahiskoi


level 7 Ranger…apprentice

CURRENT HP:32 / 67
Became a smilodon!

Konstantine Vyacheslav

78,967 exp / 75,000-

Level 7
120lbs 6’1
White skin, shiney black hair, deep purple spinel gemstone eyes
Apprentice Ranger to Riduk
HP: ___67___
STR: 18 / 91 Weight Allow: 235 Att Adj: +2 Dmg Adj: +5 Max Press: 380 Open Doors: 15(3) BB/LG: 35
DEX: 17 Aim: 16 Missle Adj: +1 Reac Adj.: +2 Defense Adj: -4
CON:16 Health:16 System Shock: 95% Poison Save: 0 Hit Point Adj: +2 Resurrection Chance: 96%
INT :13 Reason:12 Bonus Proficiencies: 4
WIS:17 Intuition:18 % Spell Failure: 0% Magical Def Adj: +2
CHA:16 Appearance:17* Loyalty Base: +3 # of Henchmen: 7 Reaction Adj: +6

HUMAN (10)
Attack Bonus (5) – Long bow +1

RANGER (60) +5
Climbing (10)- 61%
Find and Remove Wilderness Traps (10) – 55%
Hide in Shadows (5) – 43%
Move silently (5) – 55%
Pass Without Trace(10)
Two Weapon Style (5)
Weapon Specialization (10)
Priest Spells(10) – All-Major(5), Sun-Major (5)
(8th level gets 1 level 1)

Limited Armour +10 (studded Leather or Lighter)

NON WEAPON PROFICIENCIES ( 6) + 4 (knowledge) +10 unused= 20
Powerful Enemy +10
= 30
Allure (4)
Precise Memory (4)
Animal Empathy (4)
Keen Eyesight (5)
— (13)
Tracking – 4 – 12 – intuition
Hunting – 2 – 12 – intuition
Survival – 3 – 9 – knowledge, Willpower
Running 2 – 10 – stamina, fitness
Swimming 2 – 14 – stamina
Firebuilding 2 – 13 – intuition
Endurance 2 – 8 – n/a
Orienteering – 3 – 12 knowledge, intuition
Riding, Land – 2 – 13 – balance, willpower

Longsword (2) – 2 Same size two weapon – +2 Weapon of Choice
LongBow (2) – +1 human bonus
(have bought, not trained, weapon specialization – +1 attack to all ranges. Gain Point Blank Range

Paralyzation, Poison, Death Magic – 7
Rod, Staff, Wand – 11
Petrification, Polymorph – 10
Breath Weapon – 13
Spell – 12



He liked the woods and nature and wanted to do something that would allow him to be in them and live as a part of them. So he chose to be a ranger. It also gave him some useful vocation to father and lord as a tracker, rather then just as another soldier/swordsman like all his brothers. Often he got sent to the barracks with baskets of goodies by Annechka for his older brothers in the soldiery, and was also able to take sword lessons while there from Tymur.

Training as a Ranger

At 15 years of age, Riduk just found the young hunter wandering in the woods hunting one day, and motioned with his head to follow him. He led to a place where a herd of deer had slept. Then looked expectant.
There weren’t scheduled lessons. Konstantine went into the forest when he pleased, and Riduk found him when it was time for lessons. He could always find Konstantine.

At 16 is the start of the campaign. His mother teased/warned him, “Off you go then. Just don’t come back with ”/campaigns/konstantine/characters/orel" class=“wiki-content-link”>a wolfgirl or a gypsy woman some day." – he has since come back and kissed on a wolfgirl and claimed the half-gypsy ranger bastard for a wife. He listens very well.


Before the meet of the caravan of refugees surviving the the exodus from Minsk and then from Vlahiskoi itself, Konstantine met with his brother Mishe. Invested now as acting head of the holdings, while not in name and title, of the family Vyacheslav, Mishe bade Konstantine leave his affairs in private service to the Prince Sevastyn.

Konstantine refused, and was disowned of name.
“Fare you well, brother, as Konstantine the Ranger only.”
“Bear not our crest, nor our name, and your honor and your shame shall be your own.”

Pysanky Cat

Picked by Baba Yaga and given to Konstantine, to hatch. He was to keep it always against him- an egg that was all stark blacks and whites and a smoky red to blend them, studded with purple and aqua gems.

Hatching – red would be leaking from its pure white, dark and thick burgundy
11:26 PM it could look broken, a crack up one side widening
11:27 PM but he would feel a tap again on his palm
a lump would appear in the red, pushing shell away, silver light showing
11:31 PM then a little face would break through, not a bird but a kit
little claws already developed, paws groping out
it would get heavier on his hand
eyes opening, deep spinel
11:34 PM growing alice like
it would ripple muscles and lick red from itself, a young cat heavy on his lap
as it got to be as large as he was
its teeth proving too large for its mouth
11:36 PM it would purr to him and look him in the eyes
me: “Aren’t you a funny snow lynx.”
:::about as funny as I would be.:::
Sarah: it would bump his cheek on the wound with its own
lifting clawed paws to his shoulders, claws digging in

“Well now…”
12:31 AM “he might look sleek and moonlight shining, but feel how thin he is, how scarred, how shadow spots spread with bruises marred.”
12:32 AM me: :::are you talking baout pysanky cat, the Moon, or me?:::
Sarah: “its hard thing to care for, a hard thing to mind”
“makes the doing of other things always a bind”
12:33 AM me: ::: that doesn’t clarify.::::
::: I feel dumb.:::
he would pull on pysanky cat’s ruff
fluff fluff
Sarah: “I’ll tell you as a ranger boy, tis no harder place for all your kin, eaten eaten from within”
12:34 AM me: :::that sounds like what that thing the Moon faced did.:::
12:36 AM Sarah: “though it might a fragile, useles treasure seem, a thing from childhoods kiteslipped dreams, too fine for men all grown and stark who walk alone in deepest dark”

You hold him dear and safe and hidden, self of selves, go on boy bid him, come or else he’ll fade away. come back inside your hollow breast, no caged bird but spotted beast"
12:44 AM me: he would look down at pysanky cat, ::: he is supposed to be the old me? bid him…inside? me? :::
Sarah: ::he is thinking stupid things::
12:45 AM me: he would look at her sadly ::: I’m missing something:::
Sarah: “you despise yourself enough the spirit wanders. you fed him enough he’s back.”
12:46 AM “a little magic too, from Babas rack, but he’s all you.”
12:47 AM me: ::: That makes him a precious cat indeed to keep.::::
Sarah: “ask him nice maybe. youve been hard on him”

“I would like to keep you. Protect you. Feed you. I woudl like to still be all the marvels of you, pysanky cat. Konstantine Vyacheslav, not just ranger, not just duty. But all the dancing, stories and mischief. All the purring and warm fires and stories. Can I keep you, deep inside, making hearth of heart I’d denied?”

12:52 AM Sarah: the eyes would glitter, like it might eat him
but it would rear up slow and smiling
one paw lifted
12:53 AM would dance a silly circle, like a person, then be on all fours
12:54 AM and leap at him
right into him
me: he would cough
12:55 AM Sarah: he would feel warm and fuzzy and restless inside
me: ::No better than the general I guess by forgetting all that I was in trade for duty. I guess that is something like a curse on its own, a slow slide into tarnishing until what was good and innocent isn’t even reccognizable.:::
12:56 AM Sarah: it would feel like something was turning circles
and laying down in his skin
then he’d feel more normal
just like himself
12:57 AM like someone who has danced with horses and had sex and found Baba yaga’s own hut
12:58 AM me: he woudl pet along himself once, stretching himself as he stood again
from his crouch

Konstantine Campaign Start



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