Laerwyn, Son of Cymyr

Shapeshifter Initiate Druid, Deceased.


Kit – Shapeshifter Druid
17 years old

Level 2
Holy Symbol – Eagle Feather

STR 15 Sta-13
DEX 14 Aim-12
CON 15 Hea-13
INT 15 Rea-14
WIS 18 Int-19
CHA 17 Lea-16

Attack Bonus (5) +1 attack with any weapon (scimitar)

DRUID = 100+5 -105

HP Bonus (10) – roll a d10
Shape change (15) – At 5th level bird/1day
At 6th level reptile/1day
At 7th level mammal 1/day
When assuming a new form the druid is healed 10-60% of any damage, and assumes the creature characteristics (ac, movement mode, rate), clothing and 1 item in each hand become part of the form.
Weapon Specialization (15)
Pass WIthout Trace(5) at 3rd level can pass without trace as per spell
Identify(5) at 3rd level can accurate identify plants, animals, and clean water

Mountain Druid Benefits: +4 to save vs. electrical and mountaineering checks
+3 mod to exp levels for Elemental(Air) Spells
Sense Avallanche, volcanic eruptions, & rockfalls 1 turn before on a 1 for 1d6
detect deadfalls 1-3 on 1d6

Special Benefits: As a Shapeshifter, Rimi
gains her branch’s shapechanging power at 1st
level rather than at 7th level. However, until
she reaches 7th level, the druid can assume
only the form of natural creatures whose Hit
Dice total no greater than half her level. (A lstlevel
Shapeshifter only assumes the form of a
creature with ?4 HD or less.) Rimi can shape-
change twice as often as her branch normallj
allows, which doubles the number of changef
she can make daily. (Forest Shaphifters, then,
can change to animal, reptile, and bird form,
each twice per day.) However, using this
power more than the normal three times per
day may have dangerous consequences. (See
At 7th level, Rimi the Shapeshifter can
transform a portion of her body. Instead of
turning into a reptile, she can give herself a
snake’s fangs, which she can use in an attack
to cause ld2 bite damage plus poison. Rather
than turning into a bird, she can transform
her arms into a bird’s wings and fly at a
movement rate of 21. Short of transforming
into a bear (or other mammal), she can sprout
a bear’s claws from her fingers and make two
attacks causing ld3 points of dama
plus Strength bonus. Each of these ac
counts as one change for the day.
Special Hindrances: A Shapeshifter
hit points only when resuming her
form, and then recovers only ld4
druid has 0 hp or fewer, she regains non
with her human shape.
If Rimi uses her Shapeshifter power mor
than three times per day, she must make
saving throw vs. spell after each extra use. A
failure locks her into her current form unti:
”Special Hindrances.”)
the next day, when she can attempt a neu
saving throw. However, for each failed save
the druid’s next one bears a -1, penalty. Ii
Rimi fails three saving throws in succession,
she keeps her current animal form perma.
nently, as if she had been reincarnated as thal
creature. Only a polymorph any object, Zimitefi
wish, or wish can turn her back to human 01
another form.


All Major 5
Elemental Major 15
Healing Major 10
Protection Major 10
Sun Major 5
Divination Major 10



Animal Lore
Survival, Mountains
Reading/Writing – Armagh, Arcane
Powerful Enemy
Precise Memory
Minor Phobia, Crowds


Both the youngest son and the youngest child of the powerful druidess, Cymyr. He and his three full-blood sisters are gotten by her from a local woodsman, though Cymyr has not and shows no interest in marrying the man.

He had an informal foster/training in courtly arts and war from Holdwyf un Guirmean, as well as full druidic training from his mother and sisters. On completion of his initiation rites to the order he was sent to live with his Uncle, Mabnoch in Cu Fola Riocht. He served there only a few months, received visions from the Tower of Yarrow, and destroyed it while releasing the demon Corbaeran (whom he called Eriskyne).

He was sent, along with Aneirin of Tara, to discover news and the truth of his vision. In the town Stowe-on-the-Wold, he and Aneirin got into an argument. Laerwyn left the older druid behind to continue North with Eriskyne at greater pace with fewer inns. It was during this time that he met a naga, as well as coming upon Oghbeanmire Riocht near the Ettinmoor and the Wall.

There he learned a little of the strange curse upon Oghbeanmire from the regent knight, Drystan the Hound.


The final end of Laerwyn is not known in-story to any. Out-of-story, it was revealed that the demon Corbaeran’s twin, a female creature of plenty, showed up and the meeting somehow resulted in the death of all at the ruined castle as well as the destruction of Oghbeanmire. The ending has been altered from the revealed OOC. Here.

Laerwyn, Son of Cymyr

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