Laurente Vyacheslav

Oldest son of Vladya Vyacheslav, Heir of the Vyachslave title, 12th Red Sword of Severskii


Est. Level 5 Fighter, kit- Knight

STR 17
DEX 14
CON 15
INT 11
WIS 15
CHA 16

Noble Warrior – Kit
Description: This character is of the nobility, and theoretically represents everything the ruling class stands for. In classic medieval fantasy, this means chivalry, the protection of women, and upholding the rights of the ruling class to rule. Noble Warriors in most campaigns are called Knights or Squires. To be a Noble Warrior, a character must have Strength and Constitution scores of 13 or better


Role: In a campaign, the Noble Warrior is a romantic ideal which most of society looks up to. The Noble Warrior is supposed to be courageous, gallant, protective of the defenseless, dedicated to honorable ideals. It’s up to an individual player to decide what alignment his Noble Warrior takes and how well he lives up to the pertinent ideals.
Secondary Skills: All Noble Warrior characters must take the Groom skill. Squires are expected to care for their knights’ horses, and don’t forget this skill when they themselves become knights

Weapon Proficiencies: must take the following proficiencies: long sword or bastard sword (player choice), lance (player choice of type, usually jousting lance), and horseman’s flail or horseman’s mace (player choice). The last proficiency may be used for a weapon of the warrior’s choice or to specialize in one of the required choices.

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Bonus Proficiencies: (General) Etiquette, Heraldry, Riding (Land-Based). Recommended: (General) Animal Training, Dancing, (Warrior) Blind-Fighting, Gaming, Hunting, Tracking, (Priest, cost double slots unless Paladin) Local History, Musical Instrument, Reading/Writing.

*Equipment: *there are certain minimum standards he cannot violate. He cannot buy armor less protective than brigandine or scale mail. Before starting play, he must buy a suit of armor, a shield, at least one weapon larger than a dagger, a horse (at least a riding horse), riding saddle, bit & bridle, horseshoes and shoeing, halter and saddle blanket.


Oldest son of Vladya Vyacheslav and Annechka Vyacheslav, Heir of the Vyachslave title, 12th Red Sword of Severskii

Heir of the Vyacheslav title, previously minor knight in service of the Knyaz, 20 years, married with kids. He is lettered. He looks as Vladya did in his youth.

Fall of Severskii

Konstantine was given a prophetic dream from unknown sources indicating that Laurente would be crushed to death beneath his warhorse, Goga, and pieced with many arrows in vital openings of his armor at the coming battle with the dead. In addition, the young ranger spoke with the dead, dream shade of Laurente and he seemed overwhelmed of will and in despair, and willing to kneel to the service of the dead. He was convinced to wear silk scarves over these spots, though dubious of it, and Goga was stolen in the night by Koit and exchanged for a gypsy vanner of the strange gypsies. Stariy, the new horse was called, and was the only steed that was not frightened to madness by the presence of the dead. With Stariy’s steadfast service, Laurente was able to wade the legions of the dead footmen to save the Knyaz Aleksey from the failed charge of the Red Swords at the Vanguard…all their horses having reared, bucked or run wild. The Knyaz was stuck by a stirrup to his saddle and had been drug for some distance on the cobbled streets. Laurente was named the 12th Red Sword in service to the Knyaz after having saved his life.


The Crimson Castle

He accompanied the Knyaz to the Crimson Castle, unknowing how much of his family would survive the travels they’d been convinced to take. Prince Vlad and the other part of the survivors were led by Riduk to join the Vyacheslavs and Neighbors that Konstantine had convinced to leave before the battle in the mines of the south to go on to Minsk.

At the Castle, he was given Sasha’s cloak as a mark of station and an official squire of the noble boys who’d survived the battle as well. It has been intimated that he discovered some of the comforting between red swords for their wifeless nights, specifically from Sasha. At the castle he finally began to look at Konstantine as a peer, a ranger, and fair, but has become troubled of feelings stirred in regards to his brother.


Reconnaissance and Minsk

Laurente was chosen for the zeppelin as the representative of Aleksey in order to find a new wife, to go treat with Minsk and with Prince Vlad. His presence on the zeppelin saved Konstantine’s life- the ranger had gone into the Mist and was gravely torn open. Dr. Frost performed a blood transfusion between the brothers, and they were compatible.
Laurente formally oathed his service and faith to the Moon, and chaired the introduction of the family to the god the very night at their welcome celebration in the inn the family had more or less taken over. This was the night of the same day Vlad took his knyaz-given right to vengeance and killed Konstantine with sword, but through miracle the ranger was healed and preserved and sent back to his body in Laurente’s arms. At the closing of the celebration, Konstantine used what was left in his gifted decanter of healing to restore their comatose brother Anstice to life and function.
Laurente spent the rest of his time in Minsk attending Princes Sevastyn and Vlad, convincing the family to go forth from Minsk in exodus again, and reacquainting with his wife.


Flight from Minsk

When Vlad rode beyond him to death, his service transferred to protecting the ranger, Prince Sevastyn, as the ruling present figure of Severskii. He took the madness and loss of the Vlad hard, but the loss of his father Vladya harder. He was dark and driving himself to exhaustion at first, paving way through the thick snows with his horse and not resting. After some talks with Konstantine, the celebration of the avatar of the Moon and seeing his father’s shade he has leveled. At his brother Anstice’s wedding, he finally spent a full, glorious time with his wife again. It has not been indicated if this has earned him a third child.

He travels with the caravan of vlahiskoi refugees and sits on the council of its leaders. He has more or less given over the authority of Vyacheslav family affairs as heir to Mishe, focusing on his duty as a Red Sword. He is informed of the nature of the Prince Sevastyn’s relationship with Konstantine, and has shown a mix of confusion and jealousy while becoming very open – just trying to keep communicating and keep relations open with his estranged brother. It is suspected that he fears a loss of communication will lose Konstantine emotionally and in presence from them all completely. He has not intervened or offered much opinion on Mishe’s exiling and stripping Konstantine of family except to say that Mishe has been under a great deal of stress with his wounds and taking on the responsibilities.

Laurente Vyacheslav

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