Lord Pyotr Leonev

A high noble, once knight, of Minsk. Wise in lore, valiant in heart, but lame of an old leg wound.


Leans on a cane and has dark brown hair in ringlets close to his head, and a neat beard, soft and shot with white, close to his jaw.
Wearing a house robe, since he is surprised at home at night. it is fur, worn out at the elbows.

Lord Pyotr has two sets of twin sons: Fyodr and Illarion being the elder set, Luka and Kira being the younger.

His beloved wife died giving birth to the younger set. He has doted on his sons in the years since.

He is a great scholar of elven lore, and his entire house was built of the same white stone that forms ruins in Minsk and the great White Road.


“I took on some scribes work as a boy, since we couldn’t afford a tutor”
“But then came the spring of the white dragon.”
“It must have run out of prey on the seaside in the far north, where the cursed elvish city lay in ruins, and it circled wider and wider.”
“Krest people are probably too tough to eat, and they live deep in the mountain, so it came to Minsk, with its cow pastures and sheepfolds, and city helpess to attack from above.”
“Father and I were among the knights who tracked it north, through Krest, to a city we didn’t know existed – I wasn’t into elvish lore until after this.”
“The thing looked like part of the ruins at first, glistening white.”
“It was coiled about towers topped in scaled onion domes, delicate as spring garlic, and walls that looked like waves or the backs of horses, all in shining white stone.”
“It breathed ice, so the horses feet went out from under them and some men turned to statues, swords raised. Fog coiled about it, glowing, turning the city to an indistinct world of white shadows.”
“I only joined the battle when I found myself suddenly on my back and my mount’s back broken by its tail, and so I grabbed hold of the thing, climbed its back. Someone else was at the front of it, keeping it busy. I couldn’t tell you how we won.”
“Only three of us were left standing. My father and I, and old Halewight on his plowhorse.”
“I suppose I’m not really telling you what I do so much as how it is I live. Halewight said all he wanted was its head for his dining hall, so father and I got the whole of its hoard.”
“The real treasure wasn’t the titles we got from the knyaz, or the piles of sapphires and elvish mail and white gold, but knowing the city existed, and how to get there. It was the beginning of all I knew of elves. I went back as often as I could, not only there but other places in maps I found.”
“And with the money we fixed the ramshackle house into a proper mansion, furnished with statues from the old city as its guardians.”

Lord Pyotr Leonev

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