Rook Druid of Armagh


In appearance he is Snape to his nephew Laerwyn’s Malfoy, but despite the greasy black hair and stern face, with an incredible nose, he is actually rather mischievous and laid back. He is Cymyr’s younger brother by some years. He takes teaching seriously, but is laid back about formalities of tutorship and expects the student to take active responsibility to learn.

He enjoys having company, and likes practical jokes. He turned into a crow the first day Laerwyn was apprenticed at the house to see if Laer thought he was gone, so he could spy
from amidst the other crows.

He has a huge cape made of the skin of one of the cows, so its all black and hairy. He is known for it. Children are scared of him.

And he likes to collect things. There are mobiles of random shit and jars on strings hanging from the ceiling along with the herbs or skins that are drying.

He has a pocket watch from Albion. He doesn’t use it to tell time since no one else has clocks and any decent druid can tell the suns position and everyone else meets on specific days, not specific times.

He’s served the vicinity of Cu Fola Riocht for donkey’s years, occasionally doing favor for the neighboring peoples of Blackpoole, Runfeld and Upminster.


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