One of the 'Moon Elves' sent out from the Hebrides into Armagh


Silver-haired, full Grey elf from the Hebrides. She is brisk, proud, and standoffish as many grey elves, disparaging of the worth of humans compared to elven kind. She is a Moon Elf, meaning that she is a follower of the new-returned Lucern. She and Miele were assigned the riding of “all the kingdoms south of the wall and north of Tara from the sea to ”/campaign/konstantine/wikis/caerllew" class=“wiki-page-link”> Caerllwyn"

She and Miele are lovers.

She wields a spear and wears armor, giving impression of a warrioress. While she would pretend to great experience and honor, Miele revealed that they are both new come to adventurous life and live combat – “only three months on the road from our training”


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