Ranger of Rsha, half-drow


A half elf. Her skin is like creamed coffee and her eyes are red.
A hunter of Volost Rsha, half drow, wide red eyes and white blonde hair, maybe 13, but skin is ashed and like creamed coffee…half-ungypsy-colored and her ears are pointy, not long and pointy, more like how Vlahiskoi lore says of vampire ears. But her ears do move. This is cute to behold.
Small, perky chest. Not shy, not domesticated.

She was 8 when her parents were killed and that was about when konstantine was .

She already has an animal companion, Koliada: she had found Koliada 4 years before
White Direwolf, companion to Orel. Has thought and pride, doesn’t like looking dumb. About the intelligence of a small child.


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