Prince Merlyon

Heir to the riocht of Ettinsmoor, Ward of Paladin, Ard Righ


Merlyon is the only son of Princess Finnian, daughter of King Bronagh and Queen Diomedea of Ettinsmoor Riocht. He was born in Ogbheanmire after the rape of Finnian from the Elven city by Drystan of Conchobar, so he never met his blood father and the rightful married husband of his mother. He was raised as Drystan’s son, though identified as son of the sigil of the Tower and not the Red Hound (Conchobar).

His hair is platinum blonde and he has moonstone colored eyes. He is slight, underfed of months starvation, and no larger than a human boy of maybe 12. He is 15, and has appeared to mature in personality a great deal since Laerwyn met him in roleplays back on 11/2/08 when he was getting his court lessons mixed up and treating the druid like a noblewoman.

He is the only surviving person from the riocht after the betrayal by Corbaeren and Innis’ berserker rage that lasted weeks on weeks.

His cat, Tabitha, a tabby, is still alive and traveling with him.

The Secret

He has shown consistent terror of his elven father by blood, Lathuren, though it was irrational beyond just Drystan’s teachings of mistrust of the forest and the elves. It has come out at last to Glaedrigh that the thing which wore Lathuren’s form not only spoke poisonous words to the boy that he deserved all the tragedy heaped on him, but also raped him. Worse, it was not all painful.

Test of Arianrhod

Glaedrigh and Brock went to the Caer on Righmir to open the way into Yarrow’s Study for Mabnoch. There they sought the last artifacts for safekeeping with the coming of the Great Mist on the Midst of the Hills, as well as the Books of Yarrow. They discovered a sword there, driven into the center of the table/stair pattern that Mabnoch had not mentioned. The sword was revealed to be that of Ulster Ard Righ, brought there by an envoy from the Hebrides who were following omens of the Silver Dragon Ffionbhar. In another day, a testing was set, using the sword, for all men there- Cu Fola natives, Glaedrigh’s companions, and the Men of Maddox. Glaedrigh put his ward first before him, and it was proved truth his suspicions- Merlyon pulled the sword and was revealed the chosen of the land, the new Ard Righ of the three sundered kingdoms.

Prince Merlyon

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