Ranger of Vlahiskoi, Konstantine's master


Konstantine’s woodsman master. Has white, short-and-scruffy-he-looks-kinda-wolfy hair and citrine eyes and weathered skin. He wears his beard pointy in Severskii fashion but let his mustache grow. He hardly ever speaks,and instructs mostly by gesturing.

He is not noble, but he is good, so Vladya thought it fine as Konstantine’s master. His house is a cabin in the woods. His wife talks as much as two people and is as fat as he is thin. He is almost never at home.

Riduk just found Konstantine wandering in the woods hunting one day, and motioned with his head
to follow him. He led Konstantine to a place where a herd of deer had slept. Then looked
That was 1 year ago. There weren’t scheduled lessons. Konstantine went to the forest when he pleased, and Riduk finds him when it’s time for lessons. He can always find Konstantine.

Post the Yule celebration, Riduk returned from ranging to the Crimson Castle where part of the survivors of Severskii were holed up. It was at this time that Konstantine figured out, based on the similar worn-wounds and wrapping of Riduk’s hands and feet that the old ranger had been running quadrupedally, and from there that his master is a werewolf. He and Sevastyn have this knowledge, but do not share it with anyone.

Other Notes

4/10/10 – ::I am Krest, I am a werewolf, and I was a soldier of the black citadel, but there isnt a drop of blue blood::


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