Ser Roland Ardrain

Warden of Worthing Keep, White Knight of Worthing


He has smooth skin, a tall and broad chest with free, perfectly straight full, thick, and shining white hair. He looks about the same as anyone remembers from early manhood- he does not change. His wife, married for status and connections, calls him “Rowan” rather than by Roland.

One of the three main knights, and the highest in importance, and Warden of Worthing Keep, he is important enough that he cannot offend his wife or risk war amongst his sons. He was about eighteen when he got married and nineteen when he had his dalliance with Cymyr, so he’s now thirty nine. Ser Ardrain is the model of chivalry after the old ways of Armagh under the Ard Righ, a seemingly grave man who breaks into mirth like sun over the mountains, brilliant and unexpected. He has deep respect for all the old ways and the gods.
He is deeply lawful.

He deeply regrets he let himself run positively wild with a druidess, drunk as pan in moonlight
and not as a fling, but every time he saw her while she was around. It is a thing in his eyes whenever he is around his firstborn, Glædrigh, that guilt, despite the fact his wife and children don’t care.

He sent Glædrigh away before he knew he’d have another male heir, both a mark to the depth of his regret and an awkward situation for his wife for two years…not knowing if she would be fertile to bear any children at all. Her firstborn was a daughter, Cora, two years younger than the abandoned to-be-paladin, and then another two years before she finally had Owain, the heir to the house.

He is the best man in the Riocht with a sword, maybe for some riochts around. Even the Master of Arms and captain of the guard, Maddox, says he is better than he is. He is known of some fame outside of Worthing Keep as the White Knight of Worthing, and as being fair to look on


In his youth, he rode the Wall alongside Ser Holdwyf un Guirmean. They have kept up a correspondence, and Roland considers him the best man he’s ever met. It is his hope that having a ward will ‘wake’ the old knight to action again, and willing aid to Armagh and the riochts.

Ser Roland Ardrain

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