Ser Cordron Baynton

9526th paladin of the Abbey of Hengest and Hersa, deceased


HitPoints 52
Class:Warrior-Paladin Race:Human Gender:M
Age:-26- DEAD Height:70 in. Weight:172 lbs.

STR16 To Hit To Damage + 1 Wt. Allow 70 Max Press 195 Open Doors 9 Bend Bars 10%
DEX15 React Adj 0 MissileAdj 0 Defense Adj-1
CON16 HitPointAdj 2 SysShock 95 % ResSurv 96 %
INT12 # Languages 3 Max Sp Lvl 6th Learn Spell 50 % Max#Spell/Lvl 7
WIS16 Magical Def + 2 BonusSpells 2nd SpellFailure 0 %
CHA16 Max Hench LoyaltyBase Reaction Adj

surviving Equipment -

Canon of Henghest and Hersa
Horse Grooming Kit
One loosefitting silk shirts with full sleeves
leather shoes, dress
One knee length tunics, sleeveless
summer mantle
one heavy blanket
armor form
bed frame
hand mirror
Costrel of leather (waterskin)
flint & steel
oil lamp


Son of a vagabond who’d come through Worthing Keep on trade and news when he was 7 years old. He disapproved his father’s profession and begged sanctuary at the Abbey and hid there until his father left off looking for him and then left the riocht.

He was made officially a squire at 9 and took his oaths the to brothers at 14.

He was 16 when Glaedrigh was sent to the Abbey, and he took an immediate liking to the small silent thing. He had two children at some point in his career, before his death 7 years ago, but the woman and children are not in, nor have been interested moving to Worthing Keep. They are in Stowe-on-the-Wold, in Upminster Riocht. Baynton visited that abbey in a haste to get permissions of the Brothers and ceremony rather than waiting to travel to Worthing. He visited her by seasons of the year, rather than being a constant.

The Abbotess of Upminster Abbey thought he was hot stuff to look at.

Over the years he performed 4 tours of the Wall, as well as serving to keep the countryside safe for the herds (human and animal). It was in such an endeavor, as Glaedrigh took his vows, facing a basilisk, that he was killed. Both he and his holy steed were turned to stone near the end of the battle, and their still stone statues remain far out in the Cruach.

Quest to Be Restored

In order to be restored to life, an adventurer would need to find a wizard of at least 12th level. The Spell Stone to Flesh and its reverse are 6th Level Alteration School. He would then need to survive a System Shock Roll.
The material components are a pinch of earth and a drop of blood. It is pg 230 in the PG.

Ser Cordron Baynton

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