Ser Maddox

Mysterious ex- Captain of the Guard, free knight of Worthing Keep


A hard, lean, sun-weathered man with one green eye but one amber colored one with a strange pupil: it is there but it is a bit amber the way that a blind eye can have a milky pupil. The whole orb holds light, not flat and reflective like a cat’s eye, but holding it within itself like a gem in dim afternoon light. He’s always had mostly black hair with streaks of pepper, always had scowl wrinkles at his mouth and forehead and eyes from narrowing them.

His face does get stubble, which he occasionally tugs at in deep consideration. But for the most part, his countenance is grim with a hint of amusement at it. He usually seems rather pleased with the fact that he terrifies most of the populace – peasants, guardsman, nobles. Maddox as far as anyone knows is asexual- never heard one story anywhere of any exploit of an intimate nature. Glaedrigh suspects Maddox enjoys his company, as he doesn’t avoid it. It’s a KNOWN fact to most that Maddox hates everyone. Hsense of humor though, dry gallows humor and deep appreciation of the absurd, some deep founded belief that everything is, in fact, absurd

He’s at least 38 years old (as he’s counted only the years he has remembered clearly), so far as is known, having looked the exact same all the years that Glaedrigh has been growing up under the lessons of his sword. He came to the riocht he’d estimated at 18 years of age, the same year that Glaedrigh was born. He was knighted the next year, and captain of the guard by the time Glaedrigh was five. He isn’t a highborn of papers. He was knighted out of recognition for skill and service. He was the Captain of the Guard and the Weaponsmaster who trains the guards. He chooses not to live in the castle, so he’s be a weird middle ground of social status. Most people call him Maddox, not Ser.

Due to letting the captured dark fae free, he’s lost his position as Captain of the Guard and Weaponsmaster to Gwynned Righ, but in recognition still of his valiance in slaying the screaming ghost he was awarded his choice of land in Worthing’s Territory to build keep and fealty of his own as a landed knight.

In festival games, Maddox favors the event saying its like real war when an idiot farmer’s son can down a lord with a lucky shot. This tendency to favor the harsh reality of life carries through nearly everything. So much thus sternness and darkness that joking about it not in his presence is something of a town activity. Even Gwynned Righ, Even Ser Ardrain: “Tell Maddox when you see him that I expect him to be in the grand melee. I should like to see him in colored ribbons.”

Ardrain: “You’ll ask Maddox?”
Glædrigh: “The Righ demanded it.”
Ardrain: he would laugh
like it was good to laugh
::Oh I love Gwydden::
::he is all a righ should be::

He talks to the holy horses like they are people much the same as the brothers and sisters of the abbey, but he seems most often uncertain and nervous of the Abbey. His stress seems more prominent in direct contact with the Holy Horses.

Swordmaster to the Paladins of the Abbey

He’s been swordmaster to Glaedrigh since the boy was 3. Unrelenting, unforgiving, and harsh as raw winter- he’s never used wooden practice swords and never gone light on the young paladin. From the start, the force used in practices has always been just short of crippling. He knows exactly how much is too much for a small body, and he doesn’t go that far, he goes…nearly that far. Its only because the beatings always seem equally bad that the wise student would realize he’s getting tougher on them, which means he was theoretically going easy way back. It’s never gotten easier….

Regardless, Maddox has never pretended this to be otherwise and has always explained his methods with cold succinctness. It earned Glaedrigh’s respect, and later warm regard. His asexuality raised the youth’s feeling of connection around 12 years of age, Maddox becoming doubly role model —not just cranky old bastard sword master, but that if Maddox can be nongender, little Glaedrigh felt he could manage (whatever all the other boys his age in the village were up to).

He’s never teased Glaedrigh or asked him why he never courted. He thinks everyone cares too much about what other people do. His business, so far as was known was to beat pupils up, and make sure they can give back as good as they take.

The First Lesson –
Maddox asked “Can you die on a sword?” to a three year old Glædrigh.
Maddox never gave him a wooden one, just a blunted one.
Three year old looks a little trauma….nods.
Maddox, “then pick it up”
Three year old Glædrigh …..picks up sword.
Maddox knocks it from his hand with flat of his own blade, leaving wrists stinging, “Hold it.”

Ser Maddox

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