Ranger of Vlahiskoi, Bastard Prince of Severskii, half-gypsy, Dragonbow


The Royal Brothers of Severskii:
Victor (deceased)
Basil (deceased)
Markus (deceased)
Sevastyn – about 30 years old
Alexsey – about 20 years old
Vlad – about 17 years old (deceased)



He’s been through Minsk, over the Sternstrasse, on into Hexewald, all the way to the mouth of the Amanap where it bleeds into the sea. He’s seen the Wall. He was gone three years from Vlahiskoi, living as an artist. He’s seen the museum at Wiesbaden.

Sevastian / Sevastyan /Sevastyn

His bangs are pale, easy to see in the dark, in front of hair that is black at least in the night. In the light, a sort of creamy flax, like the manes of the horses Severskii is famous for ( liver with the flaxy manes), the analogy would follow to the hair behind his bangs which is a dark purple chestnut, almost black, his eyes are amethyst in color, but sited in the Crimson Castle as being facetless as gypsies’ are. His skin is coffee and cream.

He is full grown, a man, but not wearing any beard. He looks vaguely familiar to people of Severskii because of his striking resemblance to his younger, half-brother the Knyaz Aleksei. He is much older, and without a beard, but the same face as his goes by in parades and is painted in grand portrait.


Sevastyn’s House outside Severskii

There was just one room. There was a proper bed with four carved posters and piled in furs, there were paintings hung on the walls, fine ones. The fireplace was made of riverstones and he would have her laid out on the hearth on her cape, her clothes cut off.
There would be beautiful bows on the wall too, where they can be easily taken down


Opinions of Others

Konstantine: # “Well crowned with guardian thorns where scars of daggers thrust, the Prince of Scarlet Hues is gilded gold on his brow. Lithe limbs stretched to the sky, that tough the garden castle walls. The climber free, then to the deepen’d shadows makes, his own leaves half kohled to better match the smoke. And fades away to dance beneath the trees. He is like these, the scarlet climbers…..roses of the old palaces.”


Vanya and the Green Knight Nalga