Sir Vladya Vyacheslav

Patriarch of the Vyacheslav family, minor noble of Severskii


While a minor noble of Severskii, he is the noble’s noble, rich in sons to see to the household affairs, fighting, and making of money. He was free to curry social standing with the gentry and the common folk. He no longer fitted in his armor, but could still wield a saber with enthusiasm. While he still kept the title, the most of the ‘military’ duty and goods were already passed to Laurente, whom is in the flower of youth (family armour and use weapons, the war horse, etc). Vladya was lettered.

Vladya fell in battle defending the wounded and swooned body of his second oldest son Mishe outside the City-State of Minsk during the flight of the refugees from Minsk towards Hexewald along the great White Road.

His body was taken with the family on the cart, and eventually Konstantine received dream-missive that Vladya’s restless spirit still wandered. He had, however, earned a place for his valiance in the Silver City of Lucerne. The shade of Kamraj, the drow-mage, imparted on Konstantine the secret of a potion to allow him to interact with the ghosts of the dead. Konstantine sought out his fathers shade, finding it eventually with the family by his Mother’s side. With Anetchka’s help, they convinced Vladya to seek out the Silver City, rather than waiting for the traditional Vlahiskoi rites that would rest his soul to the native, primeval Wet Mother goddess.

Sir Vladya Vyacheslav

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