Sword of Illarion

a silver gilt elvish longsword with a gryphon pommel

weapon (melee)

So long as it has never been used to shed innocent blood, the sword has blessed properties as yet untested.


This is the blessed sword of the grey elven ranger Illarion. Illarion died of envenomed wounds from Kamraj’s driders. The ancient husks of the driders were piled at the door to the chamber where Konstantine found the bodies of Illarion and Kamraj, the potion of healing undrunk between them, and Illarion’s sword on the floor where it fell from his hand. He gave the sword to the human boy Illarion, named for the elf.

as of Sept 2011: Illarion has killed men from Krest with this blade in self defense. It is uncertain whether it is now tainted by their blood, since they may not have been evil men.

Sword of Illarion

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