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  • Kiril

    is a man with steel colored hair and eyes like quartz. He is clean shaven and handsome in a manly way. His hair is in a ponytail but its coarse and a bit fluffy. His cloak is wolf fur. He looks older than 35 at least. one of his ears if half off and …

  • Katya

    she is stunningly beautiful, like enough to annechka to be a sister but paler, with brown not black hair and pale amethyst eyes. She has some hollow under her eyes. In her own thoughts: “mistress to a king

  • Irina

    Irina peeking through a faded part of the curtain with a hole in it, someone about yevgeni's height, large pale sapphire, the outline what little he can see has tangle hair like a great nest or cloud. Of relation to Katya. she would have scratches on …

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