Borders Cufola Riocht, Runfeld Riocht, and Upminster Riocht. It is a marshy, dampish riocht, with more than its share of changeling Kelpies about in the swamps that prey on unwary travelers. Big as Worthing Keep, though with more reed thatch and less stone- whole buildings made out of reed bundles.

The market is drab, not a happening place, silks and reed furniture and weapons on display with
no buyers except at one store that sells nets and rods. Only magic allowed is the main hall. Only traders with approval/writ from the Righ can safely enter the riocht to do business, any others who try get a pox on stepping over the bounds of the land.

The lord of Blackpoole is an enigmatic, affluent scholar lord known as Maeglin Righ. He requires the servants in his hall to strange dress codes, including tight hose and rich fabrics, unusual for Armagh.

A powerful wizard serves the Righ and Riocht.

They recently were at war with Runfeld Riocht, and thanks to the aid of a strange berserker mercenary, Innis, that Maeglin blackmailed, defeated and killed Grimghast Righ.


Temple to the Triune

Driftwood curling pillars and arches frame three statues back to back in a fountain at the front
of a white wooden building. Inside the temple there is a trefoil shaped nave, in the alcoves there are bas relief carvings of the crone, maiden and mother. There is a lantern, used for blessings and rites, in the alcove of the crone.

At least two of the priestesses here charge high prices, higher then even reasonable for the service provided, and look travelers over to gauge what gouging price to ask.

Servants to the Triune -

  • garbed in white, her hair a healthy gold though and her cheeks all round and freckled, name unknown
  • hale middle age, named Brigid (follower of goddess of that name)

Dragon’s Den Inn

A room costs 10 gold about, includes dinner and breakfast, baths (and the bard.)
It was built on the opposite side of the palace from the Market to cut down on noise (which isn’t much a problem anymore due to lack of business at the market.


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