Fortelling of the Hebrides

“Ive spent all my life divining. And now you tell me there’s elves here for the Ard Righ”
_ “and I’m caught with my robe around my ankles” – Mabnoch_

Learnt of the Dragon Ffionbhar at the Caer Arianrhod

“The mirror showed this castle, and the knotted hound crest, and the golden Boar, and the lion. Just like the marks of the sword. But the crest is Heledirs you see. any man might have taken it. It often happens men took elvish crests when we left.”
“But he was adamant”
“And demanded to come with us”
“And in case the crest mean Heledir himself”
“we conceded”

" Conchobar is dead"

“And the boar and lion?”

“Though his ”/campaigns/konstantine/characters/prince-merlyon" class=“wiki-content-link”>adoptive son is my ward…still his banner is not the hound. The boar is the sigil of CuFola." I don’t know any lions in Armagh at all of sigils. Its very popular in Albion , and some in Caerwyllyn “I know no lions here among the banners gathered.”

“I’ve studied heraldry, as a paladin. The only lions are in Caerwylln in few and more in Albion.”

He looks distressed,“Some signs but not all”
“Still, those banners flew over your party, and as you rode to ”/campaign/konstantine/wikis/cufola-riocht" class=“wiki-page-link”> CuFola’s hall , and here you are"
“At Caer Arianhrod, who can open the tower.”
“I will not lose hope.”
Sounds bleak. But Hope is all we had before talking to a dragon of the omens the people of the Holy Land have apparently read and are failing.

“At worst I can tear up the stone with sword in it”
“And bring it to Tara”
“to be with the ”/campaign/konstantine/wikis/lia-fail" class=“wiki-page-link”> Liath Fiall "

Fortelling of the Hebrides

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