Gwynned Riocht


Far south along the wall, with scattered thatched stone cottages in the valley. People abandon them if there’s danger and all come within the castle or go up into the mountains…which loom higher than the castle right behind it and are the beginning of a range that stretches up into Armagh.

This castle often hosts riders, being on the border, and it would be considered one of its principal duties. Thus, despite being out of the way, it would have a good influx of news
The keep sits at the feet of the Cruach (crescent) mountains and across the wall from a half-ruins keep and thriving town of Caerllew (Caerlywywllyn) that it keeps up a friendly, long hatred with the lords of Kyffin (Kyffon) Hall, who the men of Worthing say are all mad, and who “invade” without warning. Though mostly, it seems, for fun. But not without consequence, since they will carry off women gladly.

The Town seat, Worthing Keep, has two religions, though nearly all (including Ansgar) are available in some manner not far away: the Abbey of Hengest and Hersa and the Druidic faith. Locally, the faith of Brigid is also strong.

Gwynned Righ rules, supported by a small court of nobility – three primary knights, their vassals and lesser knights, the loremaster, the land steward. The three great knights are Ser Rhys, Ser Roland Ardrain (Warden of the Keep), and Ser Harper.

Gwynned Riocht

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