House Íonait

Symbol was the unicorn collared by Ulster’s crown.
Their motto was ‘Men Perish, Virtue Endures.’
And the last heir would have been Ser Yvain.

They used sword and lance, and their colors were white and true gold.

They were a very old family, dating back to the time of the Ard Righ and the Knight of the Stonecross, who was raised by the fae. None knew of his birth. Ten generations after the death of Ulster, they were ruined, falling together in battle against Morien the Necromancer. Only the lady survived, and she took up knighthood to continue their line, having child of unknown father and insisting he be her heir. This was shameful to many, but Bronagh Righ the fourth welcomed her.
“So she swore loyalty of her house for eternity.”

Known Members

Urien, of house Íonait, who rode under the banner of the unicorn, and later his son, Yvain.

House Íonait

Vanya and the Green Knight Nalga