Lia Fail

Stone of Destiny

" ‘When true high hand of fated Ulster’s blood doth rest on Liath Fail in Tara the ancient, then lion-voiced stone and trembling hills will cry his crowning. ’…There’s also the sword none can lift but he" “”/campaigns/konstantine/characters/aneirin-druid-of-tara" class=“wiki-content-link”>I tried" “It’s uncanny”

Pyotr “I expect you touched the Liath Fail as well”

“Oh doesn’t every boy in Tara”

Konstantine puzzled, “So why not every boy and girl in all of ”/campaign/konstantine/wikis/albion" class=“wiki-page-link”> Albion .. c … cae … lywlllnnlnnnn …and.. armaugh?"

“That would be the most certain way. But we have a lot more people, few as we are” Aneirin explained, “and finding every last herd boy and shepherdess up to the sea would be impossible”

:::: ‘than vlahiskoi’ he intimates :::

“Albion would just ignore us” Aneirin dismissed with his hand, “Anyway, the Ard Righ must come over the sea”

“Which sea?”

“The most recent prophesy says he will be born over the sea”

“The one with the ”/campaigns/konstantine/characters/the-kraken" class=“wiki-content-link”>Kraken in it?"

“There are two seas, but everyone assumes that one. If there is anything in the other one, no one has ever come from there”

:::no one coming over that one.:::

“Actually, Tara wants to see your party.” The druid looked more excited, “There are many who feel that the Ard Righ might be among you”

Konstantine frowned, “We didn’t come over any seas.”

“Vlahiskoi is over the sea from here”

“We came over ”/campaign/konstantine/wikis/amanap-river" class=“wiki-page-link”> a river."

“But you had to go into ”/campaign/konstantine/wikis/hexewald" class=“wiki-page-link”> Hexewald to do that," Aneirin insisted.

“Hexewald is a land? It had some mountains.”

“You were all born across the sea”

Now he was just having him on. But the druid absolutely didn’t seem to be able to read vlahiskoi expressions or eyes, "I mean…Immensee sounds kind of like ‘sea’ "

“Because Vlahiskoi is across the sea from here. Nonono, that means lake.”

“But it seemed a lot less big,” Konstantine pretended to muse, going on.

“Lakes are much smaller. There are more than two”

“I saw the sea. There was no end of it”

“Exactly,” exasperation was colouring the breath it was expelled on. “But you could see the far shore from the ruined city. You stood in Vlahiskoi, and you looked across the sea at Armaugh”

“The shore across the river and river delta.”

“The delta counts!”

Konstantine made a face like his Master Riduk, a mix of disapproval and concern. Pyotr was laughing, and had to excuse himself.

Lia Fail

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