It was a small, old riocht, once on lucrative trade scheduled but cut off from all contact due to the madness and curse on the king and his lands. The line of the kings of Ogbheanmire goes back into Ulster’s time.

It was a small castle, tiny as Ulster’s empty one on the Righmir, with four towers, though one was broken off. One tower had a lit room at the top of it. There was be a little orchard, half buried, and an outer wall. About the size of old economy.

There was no town, just the castle, the orchard, and some ruins of other buildings. Also a horse field, noticeable by the haystack and the disturbed snow.

The outer wall was in good repair and tall, the gate was heavy wood. Made from big slabs of rock salvaged and repaired from other building bits though and unmortared, so it could have been climbed by someone with deft hands. There was no indentation in the snow to show the gate’s having been opened in some time.

Chapel ruins and through a small cemetery, having to avoid stepping into outlying gravestones. They were low and old, thin rock showing above the snow. But there was a large, new looking, white celtic cross with detailing in gold. There were three smaller ones around it, like they were at 3 of 4 corners, the fourth missing or not there yet. But they would look slightly older.
All near a little yew hedge.

It is near Ettinsmoor and the Wall. The road skirts the mountains east. Straight north from here to the wall you will find it a treacherous road. The wall is high here, made by magic. Its taller than the tallest castle tower, and smooth white. It cannot be scaled. Because the Wall guards the northern border, which on maps the river Amanap runs the other side of, there is no need for men to ride the Guard this way. The guard rarely has to turn back adventurers, so they spend their time keeping order in the lands. They kill monsters who make a particular nuisance of themselves. But they don’t ride here, so the dangerous things have migrated over time to the moors. The Guard only ride the Wall where it is low, all along Caerllew’s borders. Apparently the magic thought that the riverfolk were such that the wall needed to be higher. If that says something."


Once there were twelve houses in the King’s court. Their crests are rotting in the practice hall. Of those houses, but three remained to the last true king, Bronagh… There were the cousins, Calin and Caelan, of house Hengrist, who rode under the banner of the fists. They looked alike as twins. There was fair haired Urien, of house Íonait, who rode under the banner of the unicorn, and later his son, Yvain. Last, Rivalen of house Conchobar, the Red Hound, and later his son Drystan.

Of all these, in the last only Conchobar remained at the castle in Drystan. Yvain lives still as prisoner in the Underdark

Line of the Kings

Ogbeanmire lines


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