Pig and Barrel Inn

A midrange inn, it is on the main drag of Upminster Seat and it has a sign. It is across and has direct sight of the castle keep. It is owned and operated by Vance, son of the couple who owner it before. His mother used to do all the cooking and his father all the brewing of their own recipe ales, ciders and meads. His only employee is a stableboy, paid the minimum but a devoted and loyal worker.

It is middling busy with a variety of people- merchants with their packs, sellsword types, the locals, those old guys who live at bars smoking their pipes.

All the food here is excellent, breakfasts consisting often of good, regular fare made delicious:
Fried eggs, sausages, bacon, black pudding, white pudding (also sausage), potatoes, onions, mushrooms.

Breakfast comes with the room. Five copper without it. Cider, ale, mead are extra.

It has bedrooms besides the commons. The upstairs rooms are small, with low vaulted ceilings and thatch visible hanging over the window. The floor tilting. There are small beds of sturdy wood with hay mattresses, stuffed sack for pillows, and a wool blanket each. No fireplace in every room, but some share a wall with the cookfire chimney so they aren’t cold. There aren’t bolts on the doors, but there are heavy chests that can be pulled in front of a door.

Pig and Barrel Inn

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